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Theater Direction | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Study the Theater Directing career prepares you to be a professional able to analyze, reflect and investigate dramatic text in addition to develop and supervise all technical aspects of scenic works, creative and expressive in different media.

The Theater Director is considered the maximum responsible In the performing arts, he supervises and directs, unifies criteria and selects the sets, costumes, special effects, lighting and the performance of the actors.

The Theater Directing career provides solid knowledge in the history, theory and practice of the theater, the dramatic arts in general, and focuses on Theater Directing.

Intermediate title: University Assistant in Theater Directing, composed of 24 subjects and 3 years of duration.
Final degree awarded by some universities: Graduate in Theater Direction, to the 24 subjects are added 10 more that are developed in 1 school year. Total 34 subjects and 4 years of study.

What is the occupational field of a graduate in Theater Directing?

He is generally known as a Theater Director, Theater Director, or Stage Director.

A Theater Director is trained to direct, coordinate artistic teams and carry out their work with the actors and develop shows for different media, such as small and large theater, Opera, film and television productions, programs and events for independent channels on the Internet.

The role of the Theater Director is to guarantee the quality and realization of the theatrical product. A Theater Director is trained to produce and direct different projects and casts from low complexity undertakings to large-scale shows, usually the Theater Director works with a complete team of people made up of actors, singers, dancers, clothing designers, props. , lighting designers, performance coordinators, set designers, councilors, sound designers, among others.

List of some subjects that are studied in the career of Theater Direction

  • Theater Direction
  • Show Production
  • Audiovisual speech
  • illumination
  • Direction and Staging
  • Illumination design
  • Sound design
  • Art direction
  • Show Production
  • Scenic Project
  • Body training
  • Vocal Education
  • History of the Universal Theater
  • Rhythmic
  • Acting Techniques in Film and TV
  • Text Analysis
  • Direction and Staging
  • Scenography and Costumes
  • Ethics and Professional Deontology
  • Performance
  • Theater
  • Oral and written communication
  • Scenic Art Direction
  • Sound Aesthetics and Technique
  • Artistic Reflection

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