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Theology | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The Theology career proposes a scientific training so that professionals can carry out studies about God, and how the human being manages to link with him.

Choosing the career of TheologyIn the vast majority of times, it is done for a question of vocation, since one must believe in order to investigate and interfere in that divine world. In this way, it will not only be about investigating what is believed in, but also that they will have the choice of to transmit all that knowledge, as well as the different manifestations of faith that have been made throughout history.

The professionals of the Theology career, are based on different methodologies that are acquired through the course. The dictation of the degree provides various instruments related to science, since it is a profession that is not only based on beliefs, but also on concepts of philosophy and different scientific branches, such as studies and work carried out in the social Sciences.

The career of Theology is offered in the Universities, the title that is awarded is that of Bachelor of Theology, has an approximate duration of between five to six years, an issue that will be specifically linked to the program of each educational entity. Throughout the degree, concepts on metaphysics, liturgy, ecclesiology, fundamental notions on sociology, ancient and contemporary philosophy are acquired. Some topics are of great importance for the professional, because they offer complete training in the tasks that a theologian must develop, such as everything that refers to sacred scripture. In this sense, during the years of the career of Theology You can have subjects related to the history of the church, from its beginnings to the present. You can also take courses that complement scientific knowledge and that deal with virgins and saints that have arisen over time.

The Theology professional can dedicate himself to pedagogical tasks, transmitting his knowledge about the manifestations of faith during the different transformations that society had. It is important that students, throughout the course, can maintain their critical and analytical thinking to be able to ask questions that later, through their profession, they will be able to solve with study, always using reason as a fundamental concept.