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Tourism | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE turismo Tourism | I do not know what to study

The race of sightseeing It allows manage, advise and create ideas to increase tourism activity and movement locally and internationally.

The tourism career is geared towards people who enjoy travel planning, with an interest at a commercial level and the ability to show empathy with the client and with new cultures around the world.

Tourism training prepares professionals with the ability to manage different services related to hosting wave purchase of travel packages with predefined plans in one or more destinations.

The graduate in tourism tries to fulfill the objective of satisfying the needs of the client according to their interests, their economic resources and their limitation in terms of travel time.

The tourism professional is comfortable in researching the current market at a national and international level, works as a team, acts as a guide and proposes plans that guarantee the safety of clients. It can work in tourist offices of a particular city or representing the country, in private agencies that offer passage and hotel information, in the State in order to promote national tourism and as a private advisor to improve the current conditions of the most visited spaces in a city and capture the attention of a greater number of tourists.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study tourism are:

  • Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
  • Get to know new places to visit around the world.
  • It is a career for people with a great capacity for persuasion.
  • Openness to new cultures and customs.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • Long-term career.
  • It requires constant reading and extensive knowledge at a geographical level.
  • Adaptation to the currency values ​​of each country.
  • It requires great oral and written expression.
  • You need constant empathy and patience before customer needs.