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Video Game Design | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
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Why study Video Game Design?

Videogame Design is in charge of the entire process from the conception of the idea to the realization of the final product. If you are passionate about programming and video games, this may be the career of choice.

What is Video Game Design about?

Video Game Design has similarities to traditional software programming, although it is a much more complex process, which involves many stages and the creative aspect participates to a much greater extent. A multidisciplinary group intervenes in the design of a video game that will take charge of very different stages: the conception of the idea; artistic design: the sound part; the creation of the world and the characters; the user interface; etc. The Video Game Designer will be able to participate in each of these stages of video game development.

Why study Videogame Design
Why study Video Game Design?

What tasks does a Video Game Designer perform?

Far from the common idea that he is only responsible for generating an idea and programming it, the tasks of the Video Game Designer are incredibly broad. They range from the conception of the general idea of ​​the product, through the design of the characters and the settings through which the story will pass; the basic programming itself; the realization of conceptual art; the generation of the internal rules of the game; the sound aspects that will accompany the development of the video game; the generation of the graphical interface; the gameplay aspects and the testing stages. Apart from getting involved in all these aspects, the Video Game Designer must adapt every detail of the game itself to the limitations and technical possibilities that the support for which the game is developed will present. As if that weren’t enough, you can also take part in the marketing and marketing aspects of the video game.

What is studied in Video Game Design?

Of course, each university or institute will be able to give different nuances to the career, but some of the basic subjects that you will be able to find are: Programming; Marketing; Vector Design; Math; Object-oriented programming; Business Planning; Artificial intelligence; Script and Storyboard; 3d modeling; Video Game Marketing; Web Programming, Conceptual Art; Technical drawing; etc.

What is the job opportunity for a Video Game Designer?

The job opportunity is extremely wide, and this is because of the extensive background of knowledge that you will acquire in this career. You can work as a video game programmer or designer; Software programmer; 3D designer, modeler and animator; beta tester; web game programmer; screenwriter; in video game marketing; mobile application programmer; etc. All these job opportunities can be done independently, as well as in video game development companies, advertising agencies, software development companies, etc.

Advantages of studying Videogame Design

The video game industry has been growing exponentially for decades, and technological improvement opens up more and more opportunities.

You will be able to apply all your creativity without limits, since unlike other fields of design or artistic professions you have no limits beyond those of your own imagination.
As we show you before, with what you learn in your studies, you will be in a position to diversify your job search to numerous fields.

While video games have been produced for decades, the career itself is relatively new, so there aren’t a lot of pros.

The development of videogames in the Spanish-speaking world is in its infancy, so you have ample possibilities to stand out in it.

Many of the institutions where you can study have agreements with video game development companies, so you can do professional internships before completing your studies.

Disadvantages of studying Video Game Design

There are very good institutes where to study this career, but being a non-traditional career you should choose them carefully, since you may get some bad surprises.
Although it may be an advantage that our region is a nascent industry, you will also have fewer job alternatives for this.
It may not be a disadvantage, but you must bear in mind that you will find yourself with highly complex subjects, such as mathematics; physical; statistics; etc.

You want to design videogames
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Where to study Videogame Design?

In Argentina: At Image Campus you can study for a Higher Technician in Videogame Development, a career that lasts 3 years. The Da Vinci School of Multimedia Art offers you the Virtual Simulators Design and Programming Career, which also lasts 3 years. The National University of the Litoral dictates the Technical Degree in Videogame Design and Programming, it is with distance mode and lasts 2 and a half years.

In Spain: In Pamplona, ​​the Creanavarra Superior Design Center offers an official Career in Video Game Design and Creation, arranged in three academic courses of 60 credits each.
In Zaragoza: San Jorge University, Madrid: Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), European University of Madrid (UEM) offers Creation and Development of Videogames, Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) offers Creation and Narration of Videogames, Castellón: Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Barcelona: Polytechnic University School of Mataró (EUPMT). The University School of Design and Innovation (ESNE), belonging to the Camilo José Cela University, allows you to study the Degree in Video Game Design and Development. It has a duration of 4 years. In Master format, Pompeu Fabra University offers the Master in Videogame Creation, which lasts 1 year. The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) gives you a Master in Video Game Design and Creation and the Complutense University of Madrid the Master in Video Game Development, both also for 1 year.

In Guatemala: in Acatán the InterNaciones University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design with a total of 9 semesters and the intermediate title of Professional Technician in Digital Graphic Design with a duration of 6 semesters.

In Mexico: At Westbridge University you can do the 1-year Diploma in Video Game Design. At the Universidad Iberoamericana you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Design, which lasts 4 years. At the SAE Institute, the first specialized university in the country, you can study a Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design, with a duration of 3 years. At the 3DMX Digital Design University you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Comprehensive Video Game Development, which lasts 4 years.

Curious fact: The creators of Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, began their careers in Video Game Design. In the ’70s they worked for Atari, and together they designed Breakout, a famous video game that had a stripe at the bottom that simulated a racket, with which a small ball was hit that broke a brick wall until it was finished. The game was well known, and they continued their careers in the way that we all know. Wozniak was also a fan of Tetris, and in the 1990s Nintendo stopped publishing the high scores it sent them, for doing so too frequently.
Videogame Design is in charge of the entire process from the conception of the idea to the realization of the final product. If you are passionate about programming and video games, this may be the career for you.