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What careers allow you to travel the world?

abril 1, 2021
carreras donde se viaja NSQE What careers allow you to travel the world?

There are some careers that, depending on the circumstances, can allow the graduate to travel more and do their work around the world. Keep in mind that in almost all professions you can travel, it all depends on the objectives, budget and effort available to invest.

The Traveling Writer …
We could imagine and use as an example a freelance tourism writer traveling around the world, touring hotels, visiting restaurants, writing articles and evaluations about those places.

Believe it or not there are many writers and bloggers who are dedicated or work in virtual tourism agencies or who have their own blogs and travel, tour, research and then write articles and reviews about all the places they visited.

Keep in mind that many of the writers who do this type of work, who you read in magazines and who are hired by Tourism agencies are very experienced writers with many years of work, although in recent years and thanks to the advancement of the Internet many bloggers have the possibility of traveling around the world writing their adventures, although keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to make a living from writing alone.

Racing to Travel
Careers and professions where you travel

Those related to Audiovisual Careers, photographers, Filmmakers, sound engineers, cameramen spend their time traveling … is it true?
Well, photographers are in constant movement, although this does not mean that they spend their lives traveling. A photographer is likely to put in a lot of efforts and types of photographic work until they can get a job at a newspaper, magazine, or some freelance job that allows them to travel. It requires effort, perseverance and planning.

Cameramen also have the possibility to travel if they get the opportunity to enter a shoot, documentary, short film or a sporting event. There are cameramen who spend many years of their lives working behind the scenes or on a television set before having the opportunity to travel for their work.

Film Directors have a long journey to get to the shooting of a movie, although it is a profession that requires constant innovation, coordination and financing, you usually meet a lot of people and travel a lot when conditions are ideal.

There are also the classics: Commercial pilots and Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP) are the professions where you travel regularly. Keep in mind that unlike other races, airplane crews and commercial pilots spend most of their time traveling.

You can find yourself the possibility of traveling in careers related to Tourism, such as Hotel Management, Hotel Administration, Tourism Guide or languages.

The Communication related careers, such as investigative journalism or sports journalism they allow you to travel, but keep in mind that many times it takes a long journey to travel.

If you like numbers and sales:
Many salespeople, regional managers, business managers, and business administration graduates tour cities offering the products they sell or offering the services of a business. If you can work in a multinational company, many times you can request transfers and positions that allow you to travel and travel more.

If you like water more, you can think of professions such as Navy Sailor, Ship Captain, Yacht Sailor and even working as an artist, performer, singer or musician on a Cruise Ship. There are many opportunities and experiences that you can do, it is important to research and search well before making a decision.

And of all, which one am I going to earn more money with?
If you are concerned about remuneration It would be important for you to ask yourself before choosing: Am I choosing it because I like it? Is it a career or profession that makes me happy? Or am I choosing it because it is profitable or because it allows me to travel? Would you do a job that you don’t like for many hours a day just because it allows you to travel? Would you work in a profession that you don’t like just for the money? Would you work for free just out of passion?

Keep in mind that many times it is a decision that you only make once and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy with what you do.

In any case, there are many variables to take into account regarding remuneration, many times they depend on the position and the country where you are traveling.