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What do you study to be a Chef?

marzo 31, 2021
gastronomicos What do you study to be a Chef?

In recent years, the profession of chef has gained prominence, culinary art, as they say, has become a matter of worship, thus emerging new alternatives of specialization in the area, terms such as Chef began to populate the educational centers and now Hundreds of young people around the world want to make gastronomic activity their profession, but …

What do you study to be a chef?

To study for professional chefYou should know that there are many alternatives, in Argentina for example, classes are taught as courses or tertiary careers, obtaining the title of Chef simply or variants as an international Chef. Specifically, what is studied is gastronomy and the degree to be obtained will depend on the specialization to which you subscribe. There are Chefs dedicated exclusively to pastry and confectionery, while others will be more focused on the kitchen.

Gastronomic professionals
Gastronomic certifications

Why choose the career of Chef?

It is only enough that you are passionate about the culinary arts, to say that cooking is your thing, here it is not about that you like to eat, what you should love and truly enjoy doing is cooking, creating new combinations or bringing your creativity to the serving classic dishes, making them a better version or, at least, a different one. Gastronomy is thought of as an interesting job opportunity abroad and this is another reason to choose this career.

Another reason for choosing the profession of Chef is the short duration of the training process. There are several options, while there are trainings that only last one year, you will find more advanced courses of between 2 and 3 years. In courses lasting 3 years, there is also the possibility of obtaining intermediate degrees, such as, for example, the title of International Bartender or Professional Pastry Chef.

What kind of work does a Chef do?

This professional becomes the head of the kitchen, in addition to knowing how to cook from the simplest to the most complex dishes, he must know how to direct a kitchen, entrust activities to those who have a lower rank, organizing them efficiently and at the same time, he can and must create. Because what differentiates a Chef from a cook is that the former does not execute a recipe obtained from other kitchen artists, he creates new dishes or adapts traditional meals to modern gastronomy.

Where can a Chef work?

The simplest answer would be in any kitchen, because, in particular, you can do it. Generally, a Chef works in restaurants, hotels, events (conventions, congresses, recitals, weddings, birthdays) and cruises.

Internships in hotels and restaurants
Gastronomy internship

How to know if the career of Chef is ideal for me?

There are those who will simply attribute it to a question of vocation and it is true, many of the best chefs have always loved cooking, but you may be in uncertainty and do not really know if it is what you want for your life. If you enjoy cooking, if you feel a great desire to try new dishes and make creative combinations, if every time you eat a sandwich you try to identify what kind of ingredient it contains and if you could spend hours in a kitchen trying to create delicious dishes, the Chef career is the best choice for you.

Where to study to be a Chef in Argentina?

IAG-Argentine Institute of Gastronomy

UADE-Argentine University of Business

IEA-Argentine Educational Institute

EAG-School of Gastronomic Art

IGI-International Gastronomic Institute

Where to study to be a Chef in Uruguay?

Beatriz Marino Institute

Where to study to be a Chef in Spain?

Spanish Gastronomic Institute

Basque Culinary Center