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What do you study to be a Community Manager?

marzo 31, 2021
community manager no se que estudiar What do you study to be a Community Manager?

The CM is important to improve the presence of companies in social networks, both for the information it can offer and for the information it can collect.

To be a Community Manager, an online community manager, it is necessary to know about the strategic planning and marketing plan of companies. The CM must contribute and know perfectly where a company is going, as well as the advertising agency or the company’s commercial. But in addition, the CM is a fundamental figure in the market information system. Being an activity that has emerged a few years ago, there is still no specialized professional career in it, but there are courses or postgraduate courses where the profession of Community Manager is taught.

Why study the Community Manager course?

The Community Manager is in charge of studying a company, finding its virtues, preparing a study of which networks will best suit it to achieve its objectives and once present in them, manage those profiles, interact with the community and be the connection between the users of those networks and the company. In short, a Community Manager or Social Media Manager is the person who is in charge of the management, construction and moderation of communities about a brand in the online world.

What does a Community Manager do?

CM is an increasingly sought-after profession due to the changes that have occurred in the Internet world and, above all, due to the boom in the use of social networks. Companies have discovered that online communication with their consumers is increasingly important and they have come to need a professional who has an in-depth understanding of online communication, making use of new communication channels through social instruments.

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What kind of people might this course be interested in? How do I know if the profession of Community Manager is for me?

The Community Manager must be a person capable of sustaining and fostering relationships between a company (or brand) and its consumers or customers (community) in the digital medium. For this, the CM is responsible for managing the talent or resources offered by social media platforms to meet market needs and communicate in the most appropriate, creative and intelligent way the messages that the company wants to send to its customers. customers. Therefore, the CM must be a person who has a personal taste for social networks and the online world, who has an interest in the world of marketing, and who is communicative, creative and original.

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What kind of work does a Community Manager do? In what sectors do you require CMs?

The tasks of a CM are very varied, from carrying out a control and review of the different social networks, to carrying out research and monitoring the results, going through serving the users of these networks. It is companies from various sectors, organizations of different kinds, the media and public sector institutions, among others, who need Community Managers, which is why it is one of the most demanded professions today.

Where to study the Community Manager course?

There are many institutions that teach this course and many of them can be done online. To mention a few: Online Business School and Fundación UNED. The latter has a greater reputation as a public institution. As there is so much offer of these courses, the recommendation is to look for one that suits our needs taking into account its duration, location, price and the official validity of the studies.