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What does a Managerial Assistant or Assistant

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar la carrera de asistente gerencial What does a Managerial Assistant or Assistant

If you are looking for a career that can provide you with the necessary knowledge to enter the world of work, here we invite you to know what a Managerial Assistant does.

Why study this career?

Nowadays, societies have been transforming and evolving, new entities emerge and some companies bifurcate their functions and look for personnel who adapt to the different requirements that arise among the managers or senior positions of the organization. The race of Assistant manager It seeks in almost all the educational entities that it is dictated, to provide the student with the necessary knowledge to perform in different areas and collaborate in the management of different procedures and procedures that arise daily in an office.
It is a career or course that provides a plurality of knowledge for those who have to perform different tasks in the assigned position.

Why study the career of Managerial Assistant
Why study the career of Managerial Assistant?

Is this race called the same in all countries?

This career or course does not carry the same name in all countries, since being an assistant position many times its name can vary depending on the entity that provides it.
This is how the course of Executive assistant, in Brazil Executive Graduation with an orientation similar to that of Assistant manager. In Colombia, the Management Assistant Technique, in Spain it is provided as Business Assistant and in Mexico the student can be guided by the course of Senior Executive Assistant.

What is studying to be a Managerial Assistant?

The study of Managerial Assistant refers mainly to a branch of the secretariat as a specialization in high-ranking positions, and that is why some matters related to the administrative universe, some accounting issues and also things related to communication, resources humans. You can also find subjects related to languages, depending on the educational entity that provides the training, the number of languages ​​offered to the student will be.
Basically the structure of this training is to provide the student with all the techniques and tools so that they can enter the world of work and be an effective employee when responding to their superiors.

What tasks does a Managerial Assistant perform?

The Management assistant or managerial assistant can develop different tasks from precisely, the word that lives up to its name, assistance to different positions of an organization, or supervise or coordinate a work team and even intervene if necessary in matters that compromise their labor sphere.
What Assistant manager You can also find work in the area of ​​the executive Secretary, such as arranging meetings, carrying out the agenda of a senior position in the company, collaborating with the administrative department through reports and evaluations that may be required, among other assistance tasks.

What job opportunities do you have?

The student who opts for the Management Assistant training will be able to work in small, medium and large companies of different areas, cooperating with the administrative and executive areas. In addition, the knowledge provided by this specialization can be very useful when carrying out a personal venture, or it can also be inserted in a public body as a professional.

What are the Advantages of studying Management Assistance?

The formation of Assistant manager, has the advantage of offering a wide range of options to perform at work. That is why the job search can lead to different areas of work. There are those who focus solely on seeking assistance to senior positions and there are those who extend this requirement to accounting and administrative areas.

What are the Disadvantages of studying Management Assistance?

The great disadvantage that can be observed in those who have chosen to study the training of Managerial Assistant, is the great competition found in the labor market, not only from the hand of those people who have taken similar courses, but also from the number of students who have devoted themselves to other careers and prefer to look for that type of job to cover the expenses of their career and then go up in some entity.

Tasks of an Executive Assistant
Tasks of an Executive Assistant

Where to study Executive Secretariat?

In Argentina, at the Argentine Institute of Executive Secretaries the course of Bilingual Executive Assistant is offered, with a course similar to that of Managerial Assistant in terms of the subjects taught. This has tertiary quality and has a nine-month course.

The Siembra Tu Futuro Laboral center offers 1-year undergraduate studies in the southern zone of Buenos Aires and grants the Diploma in Executive Assistant Secretary.

In Misiones, the National University of Misiones offers an Administrative Secretariat with a duration of 2 and a half years.

La Plata: at the Universidad Adventista del Plata they offer the career of Executive Assistant, with a duration of 2 years.

The Catholic University of Salta offers the University Technique in Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

The Champagnat University offers the short course of Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

The University of Cuenca del Plata offers the University Technique in Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

Palermo English Cultural

Belgrano University

Catholic University of Santiago del Estero


In Brazil, the Trevisan Business School, offers students the possibility of enrolling in the Executive Graduation course with a duration of two years.

In Colombia, the INSCAAP Institute offers the title of Labor Technician by Competences in Management Assistant, which has a duration of two years.

In Spain There are many courses to study Secretariat, such as “Course in International Secretarial Management of Senior Management”, “Course of Senior Technician in Secretariat,” Course of Secretariat of Management “and” Superior Course in Secretariat of Management and Accounting “, Rey Juan Carlos University offers the Business Assistant course, oriented to the administrative field. It is a semi-face-to-face course with a load of twenty credits. The Business and Consulting School, Multidisciplinary School, Escola Superior Formatic Barna, Euroinnova Formación, Formación Sin Barreras, etc.

There are also master’s degrees for this specialty in these schools: European School of Management and Business, INESEM Business School, Euroinnova Formación, Campus Training, INSA, etc.

In Mexico, in the city of Cuauhtémoc (Federal District) the American Management Association (AMA) institute offers the short course of High Level Executive Assistant, taught at 16 hours and a total of 2 days.
In Puebla, the Central University of Mexico offers Executive Secretary training in 4 semesters.

In Uruguay: International Business School, Bios, José Pedro Varela National School.

Responsibility, sympathy, good diction and observation skills are very important characteristics to take into account if you have been interested in developing yourself in the world of the Managerial Assistant. In addition to the knowledge that has been acquired through professional training, the aptitudes presented by the applicant for a position are important, and in this type of positions what the person has is essential, some qualities that stand out at the same time. When choosing staff are the ease of learning and working under pressure against time, these are some issues that must be demonstrated when applying for the job. It is important to take into account these details due to the mutability suffered by the different roles in an organism and that is why nowadays people with enough preparation are sought to perform a job efficiently.