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What does a Programmer do? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
quieres aprender a programar What does a Programmer do? | I do not know what to study

The Programmer designs, through a code, different computer tools, such as programs, systems or web pages.

What is Programming about?

While the software development process and programming are commonly thought of as similar, they are not exactly the same. A Programmer can be limited to the process of writing the code through a Programming language, while the integral design of software includes additional tasks, such as design. Basically, by writing a line of code, the Programmer instructs the computer to perform a task. Through a programming language, numerous lines of code are written that will then allow the user to request the computer in a simple way to carry out numerous interrelated tasks, which in a few words constitutes a computer program. A similar task is performed through a web tool, while through the use of other languages, the Programmer will also be able to design web pages.

You want to learn to program
Do you want to learn to program?

What tasks does a Programmer perform?

Keeping in mind the objectives of the system to be programmed, the Programmer writes the lines of code belonging to the Programming language, in order for the computer to execute the commands. You can previously design the program. After the actual writing, you must debug the lines of code, compile it if required (which means transforming it to a basic language), and then perform the maintenance of the program, apart from the tasks of testing a program. A Programmer can work doing all of these tasks or just some of them, depending on his job. The creation of programs of a certain complexity usually involves a team with several programmers.

What is the job opportunity of a Programmer?

The variety of job opportunities and, above all, the job demand of Programmers, is vast and does not stop growing. One of them, which many Programmers dedicate themselves to in their beginnings or during their studies, is self-employment, designing and programming on demand, mostly for small companies. There are software development companies of different complexity all over the world, whose very existence depends on the hiring of Programmers. Added to this is the growth in the development of mobile applications of all kinds, an area that is rapidly growing and with an urgent need for specialists in this discipline. Many companies of a certain size also have their own in-house software programming team. And all this without taking into account additional works such as testing or specific software technical service.

Advantages of studying Programming:

It is a profession that does not stop growing, and its constant complexity guarantees a future job.
It is a dynamic job, which allows you to use your creativity and constantly innovate.
It is not a discipline in which you can get stuck, as it requires constant updating and learning.
If you do not like to work in a dependency relationship, you can make your career working independently without problems.
Programming languages ​​are identical all over the world, so your studies will be useful to you in any country.

Disadvantages of studying Programming:

It is a fashionable profession, so although there is a great demand for work, you will also have competition in your applications.
There is no Programming career per se, so you will have to know well what you want to do before choosing the course, career or master you want to study.

What tasks does a Programmer perform
What tasks does a Programmer perform?

Where to study to be a Programmer?

There is no specific career to be a Programmer. Many people learn it in a self-taught way, while others follow different courses and careers that include notions and teachings of Programming but that do not limit their teaching.

Argentina: At the National Technological University you can do the Higher Technique in Programming, which lasts 2 years. With 2 more years of studies you can complete the Bachelor of Computer Science. The National University of La Plata offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, with a duration of 5 years. A more comprehensive career is the Bachelor of Computer Science at the UBA, which lasts 6 years. The University of Quilmes offers you the University Technician in Computer Programming, which lasts 3 years, as well as the Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development, with a total of 5 years.

Colombia: Although you do not have specific careers either, some of the recommended ones are Systems Engineering from the School of Engineers of Colombia, for 5 years, and Systems and Computer Engineering from the National University of Colombia, also for 5 years.

Spain: At the Complutense University of Madrid you have a Degree in Software Engineering, which lasts 4 years. The same degree and with the same duration can be studied at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Lasting the same number of years, the University of Seville offers a Degree in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering.

Mexico: Although there is no specific career in programming, you have some options that come close to it, and after which you can specialize. At Tecnológico de Monterrey you can do Computer Systems Engineering, which lasts 4 and a half years. The Computer Science Degree at the University of Guadalajara, on the other hand, lasts 3 and a half years. At the private Tecmilenio University, they offer you a Software Development Engineering that lasts 4 years.