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What is the best university to study

abril 1, 2021

An advertiser is the one who carries out the advertising that promotes a product, service or event to its target audience, but which is the best university to study Advertising?

At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to dedicate yourself to advertising and for what reason? Finished education …

Comparison of universities for the career of Advertising

In Spain, which is considered the best university to study Advertising is the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It is the Spanish university that has one of the best cut-off marks in 2012 for this degree and although it is not the cheapest university in terms of costs, as it is public, it is not the most expensive either. The approximate cost of the Advertising career at this university is around 1200 euros per year.

This university has three different campuses, but the main one is Bellaterra. There are different options to get to this campus located 22 km from Barcelona. The most popular means of getting to Bellaterra are the train (46% of university students arrive by means of this transport), the bus, the car and, finally, on foot or by bicycle (only for students who live nearby) . The costs to get to this campus from Barcelona are 62 euros per month, that is, approximately 1.55 euros per day for a round trip by RENFE train.

At the Autonomous University of Barcelona the degree is called Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and it lasts for four years. Its study plan includes subjects or compulsory subjects such as “Marketing and Document Management”, “Strategies in Advertising and Public Relations”, “Theory and Structure of Advertising”, “Advertising Creativity”; it also includes optional subjects such as “Advertising Media Strategy”, “Market and Consumer Research” among others. To obtain this degree it is necessary to carry out an external internship, as well as to carry out a final degree project.

In Argentina, one of the best universities to study Advertising is the Buenos Aires’ University. The race is Bachelor of Science in Social Communication with Orientation in Public Opinion and Advertising. This career consists of three different stages: 1 year of basic cycle, 3 core years and 1 year of terminal orientations. In this way, the career lasts for five years. Upon graduation, the Bachelor of Science in Social Communication oriented in Public Opinion and Advertising will have knowledge in: Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, Media Planning, Research Techniques in Public Opinion and Market, etc.

The greatest advantage of UBA is that, like the other public universities in Argentina, it is free. It is a globally recognized university and is among the top 200 universities in the world. UBA is located in the Argentine capital and it is very easy to get to it. The Faculty of Social Sciences, where this career takes place, has two locations: Marcelo T. de Alvear and Constitución, both within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It can be reached by metro, bus, car or on foot from anywhere in the city.

In Mexico, to study Advertising we have the option of Bachelor of Communication Sciences with a specialty in Advertising that imparts the National Autonomous University of Mexico, considered one of the best universities in Latin America. As at UBA, at UNAM the academic offer is free. UNAM is located in the so-called Ciudad Universitaria located south of Mexico City. The study plan for this Bachelor’s Degree is made up of a basic training and five terminal options. The first consists of 30 subjects that are taken in five semesters. Among the terminal options is Advertising, which includes 12 compulsory subjects, three electives and two seminars for the preparation of the thesis.

The one who was chosen in 2012 by Forbes magazine as one of the best publicists in the world in the under-thirty category, Omar Sotomayor, is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. The race Advertising of said university, has a duration of five years where subjects such as “Advertising Design”, “Advertising Creativity”, “Semiotics for Communications”, etc. are studied. Regarding costs, the payment can be made in different parts and is around 35,000 soles per year. In addition, PUCP offers scholarships for students, as well as payment and financing facilities.

In Colombia, which is considered the best school to study Advertising is the Pontifical Bolivarian University. The headquarters of this career is in Medellín and it is a private university whose enrollment is approximately 7,300,000 Colombian pesos. This degree has a duration of five years and its study plan includes subjects such as “Writing the advertising message”, “Creativity and strategy” or “Markets and consumption”.

The university of Chile that stands out to study the race Advertising is the Pacific university. It is a career that lasts four and a half years and its headquarters are located in Las Condes, in the capital Santiago de Chile. This university has been chosen by the Creative Advertising School of the year at the ACHAP (Chilean Advertising Agencies) Festival in 2008 and 2010 and it is a highly recognized university. The costs of this race are 3,820,000 Chilean pesos per year.

What is the difference between these universities?

Recent studies have shown that there are differences between the study plans of the Bachelor of Advertising in countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. While in Argentina the study plans offer a high practical content that includes design and creativity, Mexico, Colombia and other Ibero-American countries have a greater theoretical load. This means that, although there is a good university level in all countries, the universities where they offer more internships have a more complete training. It should also be noted that, in addition to Argentina, currently countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Spain have made great strides in this field of advertising and are at the forefront. This is demonstrated by the different awards and recognitions that different advertisers in these countries have achieved.