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What is the most suitable career for each type

marzo 31, 2021
Estudiar para chef What is the most suitable career for each type

Personality is decisive when choosing the university career that will make us professionals in a certain area. Get to know the careers that best suit you!

Character traits can go a long way in determining how successful and satisfied you will be in your career. Experts say that our personality type affects our satisfaction with the work we do, our productivity, as well as the probability that we can persist in that type of work.

This connection between personality and career became the focus of researcher John L. Holland’s studies in the 1950s, when he developed six personality types in relation to occupations:

  1. Realistic
  2. Investigator
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Entrepreneur
  6. Conventional

Personality Type 1: Realistic

If you like practical work, then you probably fit the realistic personality type. “Makers,” as they are also known, generally enjoy projects that require tools or machines. People with realistic personalities are the employees who exist in the greatest number of occupations.

The best career options for realistic personality types include careers for chefs and chefs and electronics engineers. Careers for those with the down-to-earth personality can also be found in the health care industry, including pharmacy technicians and physical therapist assistants among other sectors.

Gastronomy career
Study to be a Chef

Personality Type 2: Research

Do you love to analyze and solve complex problems? Do you consider yourself a person with natural curiosity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is very likely that you are in the category of research personality.

Study Research
Research career

Private investigator
Theatrical performance of an investigation

Ideally, for this personality are careers that require workers to exercise their minds, such as actuaries and personal financial advisers, for these professions. To prepare for these types of positions, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is ideal.

Numbers and coffee
Coffee and the calculator, inseparable friends of the accountant

Occupations that require further investigation for clues and facts in order to do their job are paralegals, who assist attorneys in the investigation. To prepare for this position, earning a certificate or associate’s degree in legal studies is a big step. Another option would be to be a researcher at a university or institution, for this, it is advisable to have a career in the desired field and then take a master’s and, even better, a doctorate.

Laboratory research

Personality Type 3: Artistic

If you have the artistic type personality, you will find your passion in creative expression. You are great at self-expression and you will most likely like to work independently or in situations others find too disorganized.

Art types occupations involve working with shapes, designs, and patterns, and career outlets for art personalities include graphic designers and web designers, as well as animators.

Artistic work
Modern artist

Plastic artist

In today’s high-tech job market, workers with an “artistic” side are in high demand. To prepare for a career in this field, degree programs in graphic design, web design, animation or others of this nature can lead you in the right direction.

Personality Type 4: Social

The gift of the word can pay wonderful dividends if you consider yourself a social personality type. If this is your case, working with tools and instruments will not be your best option, since social personalities prefer work situations in which they can help others to learn and develop.

The best careers for those with the social personality generally revolve around providing care and helping others. Mental health nurses and counselors are just a few examples. Another career option for social personalities is to be a high school or high school teacher. To enter this field, earning a degree in the subject you want to teach and completing a teacher preparation program would be your best option.

Geography teacher

Personality Type 5: Entrepreneur

Are you an enterprising person with a great knack for seeing through projects from start to finish? So you are the enterprising personality type. Entrepreneurial professions are found in competitive work environments where strong leadership is needed. If that type of environment sounds good to you, consider seeking a financial manager position.

Do yo want to start a business?

Young entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur giving lecture

Entrepreneurs event
Fair for entrepreneurs

Careers that require selling or influencing opinion, such as a marketing director or a relationship specialist are also very good options. To enter this line of work, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication.

Personality Type 6: Conventional

A conventional personality type prefers to follow guidelines and rules in all tasks. People who have this personality are the best option when a job requires compliance with the most demanding standards, since they are reliable and have the ability to organize and maintain affairs in an orderly manner. For a person with a conventional personality, chaos is probably their biggest nightmare. There are several careers that are suitable for people with the conventional personality type, such as accounting, pharmacy technicians, dental assistants, and many more.

Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy tests