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What to study at a distance? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Universities have expanded their teaching methods and opened up the possibility of distance study. Here we offer you different alternatives of this type of education.

How does the remote system work?

Technology has expanded study offerings for students who decide to embark on a new college path. The lack of time that people have today makes careers that are taught in a remote way are an excellent option when it comes to obtaining a degree, acquiring new knowledge and making the hours invested in it really worth it.

There are some educational institutions that offer the possibility of doing a blended, distance or online career. Some universities have emerged in recent times directly to target the public who do not have time to divide between work, study and often family, and still try to fulfill the desire to pursue a career in order to obtain their qualification.

Registration is done through the internet, in some entities the student is also allowed to come to do it in person or by mail, in many cases some cash payment facilities are offered, or it can be done through cards credit from different banks.

In the vast majority of institutions that offer distance careers, the possibility of resorting to a virtual store to acquire teaching materials is granted and some even have on-line libraries where the student is given the facility to consult certain texts of the bibliography free of charge.

What are the careers that are recommended to study with this method?

The duration of the careers will depend not only on the difficulty of the chosen degree, but also on the university or educational entity that offers it.

There are careers related to Design that are offered with this modality, or of administration, such as that linked to bars and restaurants or hotels. Others are related to law or even education, as well as many people choose to enroll in a career related to engineering.

The most suggested university degrees to carry out through this study method are those that are related to theoretical topics, those such as accounting, law, practical subjects are usually advised by tutors.

What facilities does distance education provide?

Students have the practicality of organizing their own schedules, without having to travel and invest time in a university classroom. In this way, they make the most of their study moments, and can pay attention to the moments that are not so tired due to an intense or hectic work day.

In addition, many students consider that this modality is less expensive than face-to-face, and at the same time there are those who find in this methodology the way to fulfill their personal wishes to study something they really like, working at the same time, without having to take time away from your loved ones.

It is a matter of the student knowing how to organize their study schedules so that they do not lose their regularity and then encounter a difficulty when passing an exam.

It is important that the student can first make an analysis of the career he wants to study under this non-face-to-face technique and look for which institution gives him the security of a well-organized structure, with tutors willing to help the student, qualified management personnel and a response quick to any doubts that may arise.

An interesting piece of information to find out is the study groups that can be formed online, since there are universities that also provide this type of service so that students can share certain knowledge and complications that texts may cause when read them.

New ways of working remotely

Work as we know it is transformed and several professions are expected to disappear in the coming years.

In many areas, not only in technology, work is done on projects, from home or from a cafeteria, from a bank in a plaza with Wi-Fi or from public transport; it is important to be open to new ways of working, to help you save time and improve your life.

Distance Universities

Brazil, the University of Brasilia, among other public universities, through an agreement, offers different degree courses under the distance modality.

ColombiaHere you can choose a degree program offered by the National Open and Distance University, a public entity.

Spain, UNED is a public university where students only have to pay tuition and offers various careers for students who do not have time to attend classes. It is a pioneer university in the distance method and has evolved with the advances of the Internet.

Mexico, the UNADM, Open and Distance University of Mexico, offers different degrees within the public sphere.