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What to study to be a professional Blogger?

marzo 31, 2021
que se estudia para ser blogger profesional What to study to be a professional Blogger?

The 2.0 environment, the rise of new technologies and specifically, the Internet as a means of communication par excellence today, make it possible for people to enter extremely interesting activities. Today, be Professional blogger For example, it can open doors to dream job opportunities, such as working from home, flexible hours, and the advantage of working what you like anytime, anywhere.

The blogger profession does not have a degree career that offers a degree that will help designate the professional as such, but what does exist, are the careers that are complemented by the activity of a worker of these characteristics. Because, ultimately, what does a blogger who dedicates himself to the task in a professional way? It informs, it communicates, it is also an opinion maker and therefore, the profession is usually associated with a career in communication, journalism and to a lesser extent, letters.

What is the profile of the blogger who works in a professional way?

A blogger is a specific person, who enjoys sharing relevant information on a blog, who loves letters and writing is a true passion, may or may not be a specialist in a particular subject, but is curious and finds an interesting fact in everything . The blogging professional is the one who takes the task of communicating on the web, as a real job, and exercises it constantly. A lover of new technologies, he is usually aware of the newest applications and platforms that can improve his professional performance. Creativity is your bundle up your sleeve.

What do you study to be a professional blogger?
What do you study to be a professional blogger?

What’s the debate around the blogging profession and the comparisons to journalism?

Of course, being a blogger does not require specialized training in the task, anyone who owns a blog, has thought of a name for it and updates it with content, can be considered as such, but is it enough to be interpreted as a “professional? “? This is precisely the debate that arises around the blogger’s activity.

From some sectors of communication and specifically journalism, it is said that those who dedicate themselves to blogging are not really professionals, since many do not have specific training, a career that supports them and rules to follow, which keeps them away of the definition of “professional”.

Those communicators who have studied and defend their position have every reason to do so, but the truth is that in the information age, nobody can say who has the right to write or rather, communicate their ideas for the simple reason that have studied a career and believe that they are qualified to do so. The blog precisely, has arisen from the need of thousands of people around the world, to want to tell their version of events, without filters, without archaic schemes or guidelines to follow.

In any case, the path is not easy and of those thousands or millions who have created a blog at some point, only those who have perseverance survive, who strive to make the act of blogging a true profession, livelihood and job opportunity, sometimes being their own bosses and others collaborating in blog networks, the fact is that being a blogging professional is a path in which training is included and there are interesting options to consider.

What does a blogging professional do
What does a blogging professional do?

What careers are compatible with the blogging profession?

There are three careers that we could consider leaders and most common in those who dedicate themselves to blogging: social communication, journalism and letters.

Social comunication:

The career of social communication is very complete, it offers the possibility of working in activities related to journalism and public and institutional relations. The optimal handling of information and the ability to develop it effectively, both orally and in writing, is part of the skills offered to those who decide to study this specialization. The professional received will have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication.


Regarding journalism, we could say that it is a tertiary career that stems from the university career of communication, although there are various private institutions that offer only specialization in journalism, offering the title of Journalist or Journalism Technician. The objective of this training is to train people so that they can put information at the service of society.


The career of Letters is undergraduate, the student will be able to obtain a Bachelor of Arts and practice in areas such as teaching, literature and communication. The objective of this training is to bring students closer to comprehensive literary knowledge, while learning to master the Spanish language and acquiring communication skills mainly in writing.