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What to study to earn money?

marzo 31, 2021
para ganar dinero What to study to earn money?

What are the careers that guarantee you a good income?

When making the decision about what to study, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. One of these factors, without a doubt, is the economic one. Although there are many people who want to dedicate themselves to something they like and do not care so much about earning a lot of money, there are also many young people who see studies as an investment for a prosperous future.

Unfortunately, no career gives the guarantee of a high income to its graduates. And the final result will depend a lot on the effort and attitude of the person. But statistics show us that, indeed, there are careers whose graduates earn much more or much less than the average.

what are the best paying careers?

what are the best paying careers?

According to the PayScale 2010-2011 report, the graduates of the following careers are those who more money they make in the middle of their professional career:

Business Administration and Marketing

All companies and organizations need administrators to organize processes, use resources efficiently and make customers happy and engaged with the institution. That is why the field of work of management graduates is wide and that, due to the value they generate for the organization, they are generally well paid. Many graduates of these careers end up working in market research and as sales managers or directors.

Administration for the Health sector

The world’s population is aging. And this trend requires that the health sectors adapt their services and increase their capacity. For this reason, this sector is a high-growth sector in almost all countries, especially in the US and Europe. Demand for medical specialists and administrators specialized in strategies for public and private health is increasing, and the same happens with their salaries. A sector with a good employment and economic future.

System engineers

All over the world there is a growing demand for systems engineers. Information technologies are increasingly important in our lives. And they change at an impressive speed. For this reason, the IT (information technology) sector is in constant search of specialized professionals, flexible and eager to learn new things. (Careers: Computer Science, Systems Engineering with good knowledge of the English language)


It seems that to earn a lot of money, it is worth studying a money-related career. People who study finance are well placed in the labor market and receive salaries well above the average in almost all countries.

If you like legal, we also have good news for you. After the above-mentioned careers, lawyers and related professions also earn a very decent salary. The remuneration depends on other factors not related to the career, such as the sector where the person works. The private sector tends to pay more than the government and a multinational generally pays more floors than an SME.

And what do you not have to study if you want to earn a lot of money?

As we commented before, although there are some careers that on average have a higher salary than other careers, what most determines the success of a person is their attitude, professionalism and Constant Learning. If you choose a career that does not have the best financial expectations, but is what you love to do, you are good at it and you put all the desire in the world, you can thrive regardless of your chosen career.

However, there are degrees that statistically do not lead to very high income for the people who do. And although the lists may vary a bit by country or continent, there are professions that often appear on the lists of the lowest paid professions. Examples of these careers include:

  • Careers related to art, such as Visual Arts, Conservatory, Art History, etc.
  • Basic education (especially in Latin America).
  • Languages, translation and interpretation.
  • Journalism.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Sociology (social work).

But of course the best painters, writers, journalists and chefs will not agree with these numbers. If you are good at what you do and you do it with passion and dedication, you can be successful, whatever career you choose.

A “profession” that we have not mentioned here, but that has surely opened the door to wealth for many people is that of being an entrepreneur. Starting your own business, based on a product or service of yours and a vision of your own, has led many people to personal and financial success. It is also an option to consider.

The careers that can be studied to develop your own business are many: from a career focused on business or for example a technical career that allows you to develop innovative products.

We wish you a lot of success!