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Which career is better, Public Accountant or

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar para contador publico Which career is better, Public Accountant or

A certified public accountant and a business administrator is a business-related professional, but there are differences between these two careers. Which is the best for me?

What is an accountant?

An accountant is a person who performs accounting tasks for individuals or companies. The exact material an accountant handles varies depending on the size of the company and the accountant’s expertise, but typically includes financial records, taxes, and responsibility for financial reporting. An accountant is one of the leading figures in a business he or she works for, be it a multinational corporation or a small family business. The requirements to become an accountant vary by major and nation, but typically include a college degree in accounting and finance.

Why study for a Public Accountant
Why study for a Public Accountant

What is a business administrator?

There are business managers in a variety of industries and they often have business administration training or education, which helps them do their jobs more effectively. They can work in a highly specialized way managing a department of a business or they can work as managers or owners of small businesses, doing almost everything necessary to get all the aspects of the company and all its requirements fulfilled. Sometimes the business manager is defined as the person who must facilitate the work without having to do the work that is required. This is not intended to be a negative statement, but simply means that the business manager is responsible for keeping employees operating at optimum levels and that the business management professional effectively oversees the projects or plans and delegates.

What does an accountant work on?

  • Public accountants offer accounting and tax services to other companies and to the general public on a fee basis. The services they offer include:
  • Management consulting (including advice on accounting systems).
  • Tax preparation and representation.
  • Some accountants specialize in preparing tax returns.
  • Some accountants evaluate computer systems and others specialize in security controls.
Why study Business Administration
Why study Business Administration

What does a business administrator work on?

  • At work, business managers can:
  • Establish and apply departmental or organizational objectives.
  • Oversee the financing and budgets of the company.
  • Direct general activities in terms of production and services.
  • Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace.
  • Negotiate and approve both contracts and agreements.
  • Appoint department heads and directors.
  • Analyze finances, sales statistics, etc.
  • Plan how to improve the performance of workers and the company in general, as well as reduce costs.

How do Accounting and Business Administration differ?

Although they are two closely related careers, they are degrees with a different objective. In the case of the Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Accounting, the objective is to train the different accountants to manage, advise and advise in the public or private sector, in insurance, banking and securities companies, etc. that is, everything related to accounting and business financing.

The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration, meanwhile, is to acquire broad business knowledge to create solutions to current business problems. Students in this career learn the skills necessary to integrate management, marketing, accounting, and finance so that they can develop strategies and improve organizational performance.

Therefore, the Accounting career is more focused on the finances of companies or businesses and the Business Administration career on the management of businesses or companies. In this way, an administrator will have the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an accountant, but an accountant, as a general rule, will not be qualified to be a director or manager of a company, since in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Accounting does not Subjects or subjects on topics such as marketing or market research are included.

Where to study Accounting or Business Administration?

In Argentina: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad de La Plata, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios, etc.

In Chile: University of Chile, U. Adolfo Ibáñez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Technical University Federico Santa María, University of Santiago de Chile, etc.

In Colombia: Universidad Santo Tomás (First university cloister of Colombia) offers the Public Accounting program with a duration of 10 semesters, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de los Andes, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad El Rosario, etc.

In Spain: Rey Juan Carlos University, Autonomous University of Madrid, Pompeu Fabra University, Ramon Llull University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​etc.

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, National Polytechnic Institute, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Ibero-American University, College of Mexico, etc.

In Uruguay: University of the Republic, University of Business, University of Montevideo, Catholic University of Uruguay, etc.

In Venezuela: Bicentennial University of Aragua, Andrés Bello Catholic University, Oriente University, Metropolitan University, etc.