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Why study Advertising Design?

marzo 31, 2021
Barack Obama art in the Design Museum London Why study Advertising Design?

If you are a person with the ability to imagine situations and associate them with certain images, studying Advertising Design is your career to follow.

To study Advertising design It is for those people who feel that they have a great ability to create, to sketch ideas in different media, either through a computer, on paper or through models. At present, this profession encompasses not only the graphic media, but also the making of flyers, publicity in the public highway, written press, film production, in short, all the means by which advertising campaigns are carried out.
The modernization of the market has succeeded in expanding the boundaries of the advertising designer’s task, due to the fact that the media have multiplied and with them the challenges to attract the public. Advertising Design is mainly inclined to the area of ​​communication and collaborates in facilitating the same between brands or companies and consumers.

Art and Design
Famous Barack Obama Political Campaign / Display at the Museum of London

Is Advertising Design a Career? What is studied?

In different countries, universities offer the possibility of following the advertising design career, and on the other hand, some schools offer courses that have this axis of course. In addition, certain institutions through agreements with universities dictate the specialty of advertising design as a postgraduate degree, this being an extension of a previously obtained university degree. Throughout the degree, subjects on various topics are studied such as literature, language, visual communication, marketing, advertising, multimedia production, art history, consumer psychology, among others; These will depend on the type of career or course offered by the university.

How long is the career of Advertising Design? What is its scope?

If you are thinking of choosing a career and you think Why study Advertising Design? It is important to bear in mind that it is a career of approximately 2 to 3 years. You can also find intensive courses that have a shorter course, but if you choose a university degree, it must be taken into account that it lasts a little longer. With regard to scope, it is a career that is generally focused on visual advertising communication, so it rotates according to the specific characteristics of this theme.

Advantages of studying Advertising Design

One of the advantages that this career transmits is that it manages to unite creativity with digital arts, it provides the necessary concepts to have experience in the development of visual communication. It teaches the student to manipulate the different aspects of an image and to develop the creative aspect through the achievement of a specific objective in relation to advertising design.

Disadvantages of studying Advertising Design

One of the most publicized disadvantages of this career is its specification, and by this we mean its specific inclination towards the advertising area. Although there are entities that offer employment for professionals who have the precise knowledge about advertising design, it is important to bear in mind that focusing on an exclusive theme can draw certain limits when thinking about job opportunities.

What tasks does an advertising designer perform?

There are various tasks that an advertising designer can perform, such as developing a corporate image, creating from the logo that represents it to the way to communicate with your clients. On the other hand, you can work on optimizing the image of a particular entity, where a unified image is sought that can identify the company through brochures or signs. At the same time, the professional is qualified to develop as an illustrator, diagrammer, producer of graphic pieces; carrying out your work in a private way or in editorial media such as newspapers and magazines, television channels, advertising agency, digital media and you can even be part of a public institution managing the propaganda of a political party or reference that includes, within your team , to professionals in the field of design and advertising.

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Graphic advertising

Where do you study Advertising Design?

In Argentina, the race of Advertising Graphic Design You can study at Nueva Escuela, an institution that offers the possibility of obtaining a technical degree.

In Colombia, the School of Arts and Letters offers the title of Professional Technician in Advertising Design, in Bogota.

In Spain, It is not found as an undergraduate degree, but is taught as a postgraduate or master in various universities, one of them is the Higher School of Design and Engineering, located in Barcelona, ​​which dictates the Master in Advertising Design and Communication.

In Mexico, the University Center for Communication (CUC), in the Federal District, has within its careers the Bachelor of Advertising Design.

In Peru, the Peruvian Advertising Institute dictates the Advertising Design career in the city of Lima.

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