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Why study Anthropology? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Do you want to be an anthropologist?

Anthropology is the science that studies the characteristics of societies, their community productions, both artistic and technical, their beliefs and values ​​and the relationships they establish with their human and natural environment from different perspectives.
Below, an Anthropologist and professor of the Anthropology career answers the most frequent questions asked by those who consider this profession as an option for their future:

What is the field of action of Anthropology?

The field is subject to the line of deepening that each person chooses, I leaned towards urban anthropology that gives me tools to work on issues related to the city, public, cultural, gender, sexuality and appropriation and use policies of the spaces.

What are the skills you must have to be an Anthropologist?

This depends on the School in which the future professional will be trained. In general, you look at Social Anthropology and Archeology, each with specific skills in the field. To work as a social anthropologist, it is important to have good communication with people, to be able to be around them and ask them questions. I think it is important not to make value judgments of individuals, it is a personal opinion, but I think it is key in this kind of work.

Why did you decide to study Anthropology?

At first, because I actually wanted to be an archaeologist, then it occurred to me to be a forensic anthropologist and, finally, I focused on urban anthropology.

What are the main subjects of the degree?

In the university program in which I teach are: Science Logic, Ethnohistory 1, the six Anthropological Theories and, logically, Urban Anthropology.

What do you like the most about a career in Anthropology?

To be able to think that we have only one version of events and that the truth, in reality, does not exist.

In short: what is studying anthropology?

To study anthropology is to make thinking more flexible and to question all the known versions. In a way, it’s having a critical perspective on life, both your own and someone else’s.

In what areas or companies can you work as an anthropologist?

This clearly depends on the line of deepening, but in general it is possible to work in NGOs, in the State, in the academy and, more recently, private companies began to incorporate anthropologists (due to market studies) for analysis of consumption and consumers.

Why is Anthropology important?

At present, most of the concepts that anthropology uses were taken up by mass media that ensure their diffusion, political speeches and international organizations; In addition, most social studies are conducted using the ethnographic method. This gives us the guideline that Anthropology is much more than knowledge, but that it has become a practice valued by various sectors, and that is why anthropologists have a strong commitment to improve and socialize it.

Where to study Anthropology?

In Spain at the University of Barcelona (UB)