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Why study Auditing? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
Auditoria Why study Auditing? | I do not know what to study

The professional who studies Auditing is prepared to handle accounting, financial and tax information systems of a company. Recognizing the legal norms that surround the world of accounting, it collects data from the purchase and sale of products and services, the funds invested in raw materials and labor. You can be part of an internal work team of a company or carry out your tasks as an external consultant, specifically hired to carry out a particular audit.

It uses techniques related to the latest technologies to gather information and present its reports. His word has a determining power for a company because it recognizes all the operations that are managed and verifies that the corresponding regulations are complied with. The Audit career has key subjects such as Accounting, Commercial Law, Business Budget and Finance, in addition to complementary subjects, but fundamental to improve the professional level, such as English.


Auditors are firm and rigorous in their search for the smallest detail to productively carry out their work, they are practical in reacting to adversity and aimed at directing their objectives. They have a facility to integrate to new work teams in an office sector and show confidence when occupying the role of external consultant hired by a third party to carry out an audit.

How to recognize if this race is for me?

People who study Auditing feel comfortable working with numbers and constantly seeking precision with each of their decisions. They are entrepreneurial in terms of organization, they have an interest in business and an initiative to start an action plan and carry it forward. They are orderly people, with the ability to lead work teams, good communication both internally and externally, who also manage to anticipate the consequences of certain situations to solve them in a logical and coherent way.

In which sectors does an Auditor carry out his work?

The Auditor works in commercial companies, in sectors of the State that manage government funds, in cooperative societies, unions, public institutions, accounting advisory organizations and cultural and educational spaces. You can also develop professionally as a financial audit consultant.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Audit career

The advantages of studying Auditing are:

  • Extensive job opportunities due to the possibility of being hired as an external consultant. Every business needs to know its profits and its expenses.
  • Possibility of planning ahead by knowing the deadlines, such as the end of the year.
  • Good pay, even higher when you get the degree.
  • Power in decision making to achieve success in a company.
  • Acquire skills to use tools with the latest technologies in audit management.

The disadvantages of the race are:

  • High load of working hours.
  • May require availability to travel.
  • Situations of pressure and stress on deadlines such as the end of the year.
  • Audit sectors do not generate revenue such as Sales, which can be a frustration for many auditors.
  • Wide labor competence, being a career related to public accounting, finance and foreign trade.