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Why study Aviation? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar aviacion.675x0 is Why study Aviation? | I do not know what to study

The Aviation career is perhaps one of the most exciting for adventurous people who like to travel different places and learn about different cultures. Being a pilot requires a very great responsibility, since it depends on him that a flight is normal and that the risks of accidents due to handling failures are minimized. In addition, multiple knowledge of standards from different countries, geography, air routes and meteorological phenomena are necessary.

“Studying Aviation was for me to fulfill a dream. I had always wanted to travel the world, and it took a lot to do it. Nowadays, it is the work by which I earn a living, by which I support my family and which allows me to see a completely new place every day.
It has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it is wonderful, but on the other, you have to get used to being alone. We spend a lot of time without seeing our family and friends, so people who choose to study Aviation must have their ties firm enough so that their profession is not an impediment and get used to changing environments all the time ”, points out a international flight pilot.

por que estudiar aviacion.675x0 is Why study Aviation? | I do not know what to study

“The Aviation career has a lot of theoretical material, students spend many hours a day educating themselves in conceptual matters, but there is no place in the world in which pilots are not trained with practice. The race demands what we call “flight hours”; As the student accumulates real aviation hours, his score improves and his chances of finding employment for different types of flights improve. Nobody leaves the institute on international flights, since the experience is progressive, ”says the rector.

An aviator has to feel passion for the air and for variety, those people who prefer routine tasks should not approach this career; much less those who suffer from vertigo or problematic phobias. The professional level is very broad, since it is not limited to passenger air transport, but the field opens up to the commercial, military, state, among others. In addition, they have to be a person who is psychologically prepared to face risky situations without panicking, since it is very common for planes to enter storms or have to make emergency landings in which calm must prevail.

Why study Aviation?

  • Because you like adventures.
  • Because you are interested in the feeling of being literally in the air.
  • Because you feel comfortable every time you travel as a passenger on an airplane.
  • Because you would like to know all kinds of destinations, tourist or not.
  • Because you think you could bear to spend most of your time away from your affections.
  • Because you like to be in control and you feel capable of doing it correctly.
  • Because you are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​gradually building a career, you consider it a challenge and a motivation.
  • Because you are not afraid of heights even if you are aware of the risks to which you will expose yourself.

Where to study Commercial Aviation?

Argentina: Flying School, Aerocomercial Training Institute, AEROCESNA, Aeronautical Training Institute, etc.

Colombia: Antioqueña Aviation Academy, etc.

Spain: Salamanca: University of Salamanca, Tarragona: Rovira i Virgili University (URV), Madrid: European University of Madrid (UEM).

Mexico: Flightmex Aviation School, PRAAT Flight School, Specialized Aviation School, Mexico Aviation School, etc.

Chile: Federico Santa María Technical University, etc.

Uruguay: Aero Club del Uruguay, etc.