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Why study Chemical Engineering?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar ingenieria quimica Why study Chemical Engineering?

Some professions provide the necessary tools to innovate and research in different fields of life. Here we tell you how Chemical Engineering can help you.

Tell us about your career. I graduated in 99 from Colegio San Esteban de Antofagasta, with the doubt that …

Sometimes as kids we try to explore life a bit. We observe the plants, the animals and we begin to investigate the foods, to separate them, to taste the flavors, among other things.

Faced with the crucial question that we are asked from a young age about the profession that we are going to follow when we grow up, it is difficult to hear “chemical engineer” but when meeting and entering the career it would be the ideal profession for the explorers that we carry within.

To continue this career it is important to bear in mind that, within our tastes, we have to find topics that are related to chemistry, physics, as well as mathematics and all the equations that are related to them. It could be recognized that, in recent years, there are many who have discovered concerns about these types of interests within themselves.

Chemical engineering

Professionals in this career are always behind what are the processes, where there are physical or chemical changes in a matter and then transform into a specific product, whether material or not. The Chemical Engineer is usually involved in industrial development through what is known as performance of materials, as well as participating in optimization and environmental care.

There are different subjects that can be found throughout the course, as we mentioned earlier, some fundamentals are related to numbers and formulas, specifically with algebra, process engineering, the separation of materials in terms of their chemicals , and other matters that are linked to biotechnology, food and ecological care, in terms of the earth and the environment. This is why it is a career that requires a lot of attention, concentration and practice, since they are professionals who will later have strategic positions, both in the industrial and governmental areas.

What are the advantages of this career?

The Chemical engineering, has great advantages, and among them you can find versatility in the jobs in which to perform. In this sense, it allows the graduate to deal with the chemical field, in its different aspects, related to oil and its derivatives, for example; as regards gas, or it can be internalized with the food area.

The professional of Chemical engineering On many occasions, he develops his tasks from the process of a subject to its outcome in a specific product. The inputs you use can come from animals, plants or even minerals, and that is why throughout the career there is a lot of knowledge that is acquired about the separation processes.

With respect to this, it is also a virtue of the career, to teach its graduates to find the greatest usefulness of a raw material, that a mineral, for example, can have a good performance in the industry. At the same time, they must have the necessary knowledge to get the best out of a material used in a process. Usually in their tasks they must look for how the value of the raw material can be increased through a manufactured product. This makes the Chemical engineering have the advantage that your professionals can operate in different industries, organizations, administrations, both private and public.

What tasks can a Chemical Engineer perform?

Some of the activities that graduates of this career can carry out are related to the construction area, both in equipment and in industrial platforms; They can work in control of production, in the design of both manufacturing processes and the equipment to carry out these different processes. They can work in the area of ​​purchase of supplies, as well as in the verification of quality, both at the beginning and throughout the manufacture, in terms of the control of the products that are produced, as well as in the commercialization of the same. . Your role can start in administration and work your way up.

As in various careers, they may also be inclined towards the development of various investigations, both in terms of products and the impact they produce on ecology. The Chemical Engineer, at the same time, can devote himself to teaching; in some cases, to complement their functions in other jobs.

In the multiplicity of tasks that a professional in this career can have, there is the diversity of organizations or companies that offer them a job. In this sense, the career can not only be exciting, for those who have interests related to the tasks that a Chemical Engineer performs, but also has a wide job opportunity. Both to obtain an incentive month by month, as well as to collaborate with the environment and for personal pleasure.

For those people who want to enter this professional world, it is important to know that there are industries that will focus more on the traditional way of working and that will escape technological advances, as well as meet modern companies that will carry out their development through more up-to-date machinery in technology. That is why you must be aware of traditional uses as well as the latest scientific developments.

The graduate in Chemical engineering You will also be prepared throughout the course with notions on management and security, since they are important topics for your training, as well as economics.

The Chemical engineering It can be a tough challenge for those who undertake their course, since although it has that peculiarity of providing a wide range of knowledge, it has a requirement and a constancy that must be maintained to achieve the necessary professionalism that the industries in which they will be able to develop will require. .

Personal taste will influence both your career choice and your future career orientation.