Why study Chinese Medicine?

por que estudiar medicina china Why study Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is the name that is usually given to a category of traditional medicine praxis that has been exercised in the course of its cultural development.

Why study Chinese Medicine? Because it is one of the alternative therapies older than is reflected in the yin-yang theory and others, such as the belief of the five elements. The treatments of this medicine are carried out with allusion to this philosophical scenario. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the idea of ​​chi (essential energy) provided or balanced, which is thought to pass through the body of people. Those who practice this type of medicine argue that chi regulates the harmony of the spirit, emotions, mind and the physical and is damaged by the opposing energies of yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy). According to this oriental medicine, Diseases occur when the flow of chi is disturbed, causing an instability between yin and yang. The medicines of this type of therapy are based on Natural therapies with ingredients found in herbs and diet, meditation, restorative exercise, acupuncture, and massage.

As a doctor, you will take care of people’s health, helping the sick and preventing many diseases, helping to create a healthier society.

Why study Chinese Medicine
Why study Chinese Medicine

What kind of people might this profession be interested in? How to find out if Chinese Medicine is a perfect career for me?

Chinese Medicine may be of interest to people who have an interest in natural medicine and alternative therapies, they are humanitarian people who have a sense of commitment, solidarity and service, who have the capacity for observation and analysis, a sense of cooperation, ability to apply knowledge in a practical way and manual skill, who are methodical, have curiosity and analytical capacity, are interested in applying traditional and natural medicine to solve pathologies, who have self-respect, a spirit of service and tolerance.

What kind of work does a Chinese Medicine professional do? What is the scope of the race?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a wide job opportunity. Many of today’s diseases have a high psychological component that allopathic medicine therapy does not consider most of the time. Chinese Medicine relies on natural treatments and takes into account both the patient’s mood and psychological problems, trying to restore the total balance between body and mind. Chinese Medicine therapists can work on their own, setting up their own practice or they can also work in care centers that offer this treatment.

Natural treatments in Chinese Medicine
Natural treatments in Chinese Medicine

Where can I study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

To obtain the Bachelor and Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, one must study at the Chinese Medical Foundation, located in Beijing, because they are the only studies recognized by the WHO. But in addition to this, there are many centers that teach Chinese Medicine studies and most of them, in addition to the face-to-face way, allow them to be carried out online. One of these centers is Centro Tai, located in Argentina. In this country there are other centers: the Argentine School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Latin American School of Chinese Medicine, etc. In Spain there are the Higher School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Neijing School, and others. In Chile there are: Latin American School of Chinese Medicine, San Bao School, etc.

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