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Why study Clothing Design?

marzo 31, 2021

Do you want to be a fashion designer?

The world of fashion is capable of reflecting in a garment the reality of the outside and the inside of a person. The design of garments does not only require creativity and good taste, but also to know how to interpret what the other, who will use them, expects from life.

“In recent years, the enrollment for Clothing Design has grown remarkably, tripling the number of registrations we had two years ago. Men and women, young people and already professionals looking for a change, choose this career because of its incomparable field of action as long as clothing or accessories are the protagonists ”, says the rector of a design school. “When I chose to study Clothing Design, I was afraid I would end up making clothes for neighbors, as my grandmother did, or making clothes in a clothing factory, but fortunately I was very wrong, since after having completed the first year of the degree I already had offers extremely interesting to design the garments of important personalities ”, affirms a graduate.

“Creativity is the undisputed protagonist here, but some psychology and history are also mixed, since designers must know how to interpret what the person needs to project their personality in the clothing they are wearing and, at the same time, accompany the processes historical changes in terms of fashion to impose trends instead of following them ”, continues the rector. The catwalks, luxury events and the media are the three places in which the graduates of Clothing Design will show off for their creations. One student stated that pursuing this degree is “like a hobby, a break from daily life that requires effort and study, but if you are really passionate about it, it can only be done with pleasure.” According to renowned designers, to create exclusive designs you have to be close to the cry of fashion, but not be stunned by it, since otherwise you run the risk of falling into series production, one of the great mistakes of designers who have failed. Choosing to study Clothing Design proposes a challenge, since everything will depend on your ability to create. If you have confidence in yourself and have received many compliments to your creativity, go ahead.

Why study Clothing Design?

  • Because you are passionate about fashion more than anything else.
  • Because you are always imagining garments that later you cannot find in any store.
  • Because you believe that the external image of a person can define on the outside what they are like on the inside.
  • Because you believe that garments are an artistic expression and it is not just about making.
  • Because you are an entrepreneur, since without this trait it is very difficult to succeed in this activity.
  • Because you have a good eye for fabrics and clothing.
  • Because you know what garment is for each person.
  • Because you think you are capable of choosing the perfect model for each type of body.

Where to study Clothing Design in Argentina?

University of Morón
National Technological University

Buenos Aires’ University

Argentine University of the Company
Belgrano University
Palermo University

21st Century Business University

University of Mendoza

Where to study Clothing Design in Uruguay?

Where to study Clothing Design in Spain?

Madrid Superior Center of Fashion Design
Art School 2
European Institute of Design
European University of Madrid
Camilo José Cela University
Complutense University of Madrid
Francisco de Vitoria University
Carlos III University
Llojta School
Felicidad Duce School
International University of Catalonia
ESDI Sabadell
Murcia School of Art
Mestre Mateo School of Art and Design Superior
La Rioja School of Design
Burgos School of Art and Design Superior