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Why study Commercial Engineering?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar ingenieria comercial Why study Commercial Engineering?

Commercial Engineering trains professionals to develop new businesses and guide their direction according to what a company needs.

The Commercial Engineering study is designed for people who seek the ability to solve all the problems that surround a company, from production, marketing, finances and the human resources area. Management that combines all sectors is part of the goals of a business engineer.

With a solid preparation in business management, the career has a business orientation of the current market. The progress of the studies also has a space for each sector of a company in order to provide concepts applicable in each particular situation, either as advice on the creation of an enterprise, the preparation of financial projects, management in the marketing areas and process management to optimize available resources.

Study Commercial Engineering
Study Commercial Engineering

People who study this career are enterprising, persuasive in their intentions, with creativity and innovation to adapt to new working conditions and proactive in the face of adversity. The objective of a commercial engineer is the planning and management of projects that increase the financial capital of a company, generating economic and social well-being in all work areas.

How to recognize if the race is for me?

The Commercial Engineering is for those lovers of business management, who feel comfortable with decision-making, the design of new ventures and the handling of mathematics. It is a career that mixes the numbers for the economic factor with the social aspects and develops the management to keep the members of a company compliant, increasing productivity and taking advantage of available resources.

In which sectors does a commercial engineer carry out his work?

The main work spaces where a commercial engineer works are banks and companies related to the stock market. It can also be seen in financial companies, fund analysis, public institutions and insurance companies. His tasks are within finance, foreign trade and investment planning in the short and long term.

Advantages and disadvantages of a commercial engineer:

The advantages of studying Commercial Engineering:

  • Wide job opportunities, both in public institutions and private companies.
  • Levels of knowledge about different disciplines. The degree combines the social aspects of a company with scientific training that allows us to analyze the capital available to carry out action plans.
  • Learning the basics to create our own company.
  • Skills to understand the economic and financial processes of a company.
  • Combination of economic factors with social aspects related to the human resources of a company.


  • Dependence on the economic factors available in a company to carry out our strategies.
  • The risks that come with any decision related to the economic field.
  • Situations of pressure and stress when starting a new project or designing changes in strategies already created.
  • Broad job competition.
  • It may require availability to travel in case of international companies.