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Why study Dance? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
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The study of Dance aims to spread new cultures and arts through stylized body movements.

Expression through the body, movement, music, art and culture sums up the goal of a professional dancer or dance. The degree offers artistic and technical knowledge of the different styles of dance and skills and instruments to recognize the visual arts, choreography and stage productions that surround the theater.

The study of Dance allows us to recognize the different theatrical styles from operas to musical comedies, to interpret the ethnic values ​​of dance as social festivities and to get involved in the teaching processes in schools and universities. Through career advancement, skills related to music such as good hearing and knowledge of the sense of rhythm are perfected, as well as abilities such as improvements in visual and movement memory.

Careers related to Dance are Theater, Audiovisual Communication and Stage Direction. The creation of environments, the force of movement, the history of music and ideas to innovate through the originality that accompanies each dance style are part of the interests shown by dance professionals.

bailarina contemporanea.254x0 is Why study Dance? | I do not know what to study

How to recognize if the race is for me?

People who study dance feel a motivation for art and culture and a passion for dance and the freedom it generates. They want to demonstrate their feelings through the body, they appreciate music and the rhythm that accompanies it, they seek to create artistic environments, generate an identity and be original during their career. They have a facility in terms of coordination and use of the stage space and achieve a different vision regarding the aesthetics of a dance or play.

In which sectors does a dance professional develop his work?

Dance professionals work in classical ballet, contemporary dance, opera and musical comedies, television appearances, events of public bodies related to art and culture, university schools, event organization companies, folk groups, academies dance, community centers and research on the history of dance.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dance

Advantages of studying Dance:

  • Generates a good state of health by constant exercise.
  • Improves psychomotor abilities such as visual and movement memory.
  • Provides an aesthetic sense.
  • The dance expresses feelings without the need for words.
  • Possibility of developing a professional career on the artistic side.

Disadvantages of studying dance:

  • Long work routines.
  • It requires great discipline from the beginning to convey the value of a dance.
  • Wide competition for being a branch of art, which causes less job opportunities.
  • It requires great physical condition and adequate preparation, beyond the will and passion to achieve the title.
  • Possible situations of frustration if the artistic product offered does not generate what we expect.
  • Perseverance is a mainstay of the career.

Study Dance in Chile

The University of Communications (UNIAC) offers training in Dance and Choreography, It grants the professional title of Interpreter and Choreography.
The University of Chile offers the Academic Degree of Bachelor of Arts, dance mention and the title Specialized Professor (a) in Dance or Interpreter with a mention in Dance and a total of 10 semesters.
The Professional Institute of Performing Arts Karen Connolly, (in the process of licensing in the National Council of Education (CNED) offers the professional career of Interpretation and Dance with a mention in Contemporary Jazz and Tap or Musical Theater, with an approximate duration of 4 years.
The University of the Americas (UDLA) offers the title of Interpreter in Dance corresponding to the academic degree of Bachelor of Dance, with a duration of 8 semesters.
The University Academy of Christian Humanism offers the Dance career, with a duration of 10 semesters.
The Modern School of Music and Dance Professional Institute offers the career of “Dance Interpreter” with a major in: Choreography, Teaching, Body Therapy and Musical Theater, with a duration of 5 years.

Study Dances in Spain

In Asturias, the Karel Dance Center offers an official elementary level education composed of two four-year cycles and starts from the age of 8, by means of a test. The Professional Degree consists of six courses and is accessed through a test from the age of 12. At the end of these studies the student obtains the Title of Dance Professional.

In Acoruña, the Dance Conservatory of the A Coruña County Council, Albacete: Royal Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance of Albacete, Alicante: Municipal Conservatory of Dance of Elemental Grade of Alcoy, Higher Conservatory of Dance of Alicante, Professional Conservatory of Dance José Espadero, Conservatorio Municipal Elemental de Danza Benidorm, Conservatorio Elemental de Danza de Novelda, Almería: Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Almería, Barcelona: Conservatori Superior de Dansa de l’Institut del Teatre, Conservatori Professional de Dansa de l’Institut del Teatre (EESA / CPD) , Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​Cádiz: Professional Dance Conservatory of Cádiz, Córdoba: Luis del Río Professional Dance Conservatory, Madrid: The European University offers the Degree in Dance Sciences with a duration of 4 years (240 Credits), Also In this same university you can do the Triple Degree of Performing and Media Arts + Musical Creation + Dance Sciences. The Rey Juan Carlos University offers the University Degree in Visual Arts and Dance (240 Credits), the “Alicia Alonso” University Institute, “María de Ávila” Superior Dance Conservatory of Madrid, “Mariemma” Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance, Professional Conservatory of Dance Carmen Amaya, Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, Granada: Professional Dance Conservatory “Reina Sofia”, Murcia: San Antonio Catholic University – Postgraduate Training Center, Professional Dance Conservatory of Murcia, Malaga: Superior Dance Conservatory of Málaga, Professional Conservatory of Dance of Malaga, Municipal Conservatory of Music and Dance of Marbella, Ciudad Real: Professional Conservatory of Dance of Puertollano, Valencia: Municipal Professional Conservatory of Dance of Ribarroja del Turia, Superior Conservatory of Valencia, Professional Conservatory of Dance of Valencia, Seville: Professional Dance Conservatory of Seville Antonio Riuz Soler, Tarragona: Official Center of Dansa Artemis, Valladolid: Professional Dance School of Castilla y León, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava): José Uruñuela Municipal Dance Conservatory, Zaragoza: Zaragoza Municipal Dance Conservatory.