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Why study Decoration? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

Do you love to decorate?

Within the field of Decoration there are numerous specialized alternatives, such as exterior decoration, interior decoration, setting, among others. The people who choose to study this career are very creative and have a good taste that characterizes them to create a warm atmosphere and according to the surrounding circumstances. Although it is a profession closely related to Architecture, and both professionals will work together on numerous occasions, the course is completely different. Decorating is not only creating, but also reinventing, making an environment a different space than it was, with another harmony and another objective.

“When I decided to study Decoration, with a particular interest in interiors, everyone told me that it was a profession without a future. I am a very entrepreneurial person and I never thought about working in an organization, but about starting my own company, and I did. Today, I work with two decorators who studied with me on a project that does not stop growing; We have a flow of clients that is increasing month by month and soon we will have to add someone new so that we can continue moving forward. It is an exciting profession, full of challenges, including interpreting what a person needs around him or wants to transmit to others, and then bring it to reality and make him feel satisfied, ”says Alejandra, interior decorator.

During the career, students exercise their creativity, but they are also in contact with specific cases that require a solution. One of the outdoor decoration practice teachers told us the following experience: “during the first months of the course, the students learn most of the conceptual issues of decoration, but they understand little about the practice. On one occasion, with less than thirty days to go until Christmas, I divided the class into groups of five students, entrusting them with the Christmas decorations of very different gardens. The results were very demotivating, because each of the groups did practically the same work, when it was not expected. From that moment, we decided to start incorporating practices from the first semester of the degree, to start with small spaces and then move on to larger spaces with other needs. The consequences of this modification were more than positive, since from then on we were not only able to evaluate the students’ work from another perspective, but also made them feel more interested in the career, reducing dropout rates to very low levels ” .

Why study decoration?

  • Because you are creative, but you want to pour that creativity into specific spaces that people can enjoy.
  • Because you believe that the environment a person is in contributes to both their physical and mental health.
  • Because you have good taste and both your friends and your family always respond favorably when you take care of the decoration of a sector.
  • Because you believe that public spaces that are pleasing to the eye make for the comfort of the community.
  • Because you are an entrepreneur, since otherwise it will not be so easy to generate income from the profession.

Where to study Decoration in Argentina?

School of Design in the Habitat

Belgrano University

Palermo University

Higher Institute of Sciences

New School of Design and Communication


ORT Institute of Technology

Where to study Decoration in Uruguay?

BIOS Institute – School of Design
University of Punta del Este
Uruguayan Association of Landscape Architecture

Where to study Decoration in Spain?

IED – European Institute Di Design
IDEP – Institut Superior De Disseny I Escola De La Imatge
BAU – Higher School of Design (University of Vic)