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Why study Digital Business?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar negocios digitales Why study Digital Business?

Would you like to do business virtually?

The Digital Business career is closely related to Online Marketing, since it aims to study the companies that use the Internet as a means to achieve their ends, directly or indirectly. Unlike the latter, the Digital Business professional will be in charge not only of the creation and implementation of campaigns aimed at positioning and promoting products and services through the network, but also everything related to the business itself. Graduates will be able to create Internet ventures, developing them from start to finish, managing virtual companies or the virtual facet of conventional companies.

Why study Digital Business
Why study Digital Business?

Jhonatan is a third year student of the Digital Business career and he will tell us what this new profession is about.

─Why Digital Businesses?

─Today, companies that only deal with traditional media are not successful. However, those that are developed entirely or partially through the Internet have a much broader spectrum of possibilities and with many more opportunities for growth. I have set up two small businesses on the Internet that generate significant profits without having to make any investment other than time. I chose to train professionally in the career because I believe that one never gets to know all the digital tools that exist if it is not through a formal and serious institution that has its programs in line with what is happening.

─Is it a highly chosen career?

─For the number of companions I have, it seems that no. I believe that it is due more to a question of ignorance than by dismissal, since there are many people who choose to study Marketing when in this career the training is much broader, including this one. Actually, I think that what Digital Business lacks is, precisely, promotion. There is also the issue that people who have knowledge in the field do not usually believe it necessary to professionalize, thus missing out on a lot of things.

─What is the job opportunity of the Digital Business professional?

─You can work in a real or virtual company, obviously developing the digital area, or create your own business through the Internet. In the latter case, it will be necessary to apply not only the tools learned in the race, but to exploit their creativity to the maximum, since the number of digital companies that exist is innumerable and it will be necessary to symbolize a true competition.

─Why would you recommend someone to enter this career?

─Because it is not exploited as it should, there are many people with ignorance managing Digital Businesses who are not capable of giving everything that a career professional would be capable of. Because it is novel, because it is the present and it is also the future, since more and more businesses are developed in this area, because it allows people to work from home regardless of the type of work they choose and, fundamentally, because it is very satisfying for those who like technology and new media.

Why study Digital Business?

  • Because you believe that in the Internet universe any business can succeed if it knows how to manage it.
  • Because you would like to start your own company on the net.
  • Because you would like to work in the Digital Business area of ​​a company.

How is Digital Business Different from Online Marketing
How is Digital Business Different from Online Marketing?

Where to study Digital Business in Argentina?

Palermo University

Where to study Digital Business in Uruguay?



Where to study Digital Business in Spain?



IE Business School