Why study Event Organization?

quieres organizar eventos Why study Event Organization?

Do you like to organize events?

Although the Event Organization career has been generating prestige in recent times, when before the need to be a professional in this field was not seen as a possibility, there are still many people who look at it with prejudice, perhaps because they do not understand what it is actually. That is why we had a talk with a prestigious Event Organization Technician who will explain to us exactly what the exercise of this profession is like, what are the advantages and disadvantages of training in it and why someone would choose it.

You want to organize events
Do you want to organize events?

—How is your job and what are your specific tasks?

—I have had a micro-enterprise of Organization of Events in conjunction with other people for six years, with a wealth of work that is more than interesting. We have been hired to carry out all kinds of events and ceremonies, from personal to business and government. Basically our job is to meet with the client to find out their needs and the style of event they intend to then start it up. Right now we are organizing a small town anniversary celebration with which we are working hard. We work with a menu of catering companies, with a staff of decorators, with a permanent team of people in charge of cleaning and with various musicians and comedians in charge of providing a show, but that always depends on the client. For this celebration, they have wanted to hire prominent musicians at the national level who will be present giving their show. However, for small events we usually take local comedians or musicians, because it is also a way to promote our own art. In our particular case, we are not dedicated to organizing cycles of conferences or exhibitions, but there are many companies that do.

—What are the pros and cons of being an Event Organizer?

—On a positive thing, I love the work, especially when the event finally takes place and the satisfaction of seeing how well everything turns out appears. In return, it is a job that requires a lot of dedication, a lot of care and, in general, forces us to work during weekends or holidays, since this is when events are commonly held. In addition, it carries a lot of stress. On more than one occasion, musicians have failed us at the last minute and we have had to run to find someone to replace them, with all that that implies.

“Why do you think people choose to study this career?” Why did you choose it?

—I chose it because I wanted something different, to come out of the more conventional races, and to allow me to surprise and surprise myself day by day. I could have chosen among many others, but I always had the ability to plan and ensure that what was planned goes perfectly, besides I always liked parties. I think people choose it for similar reasons: I find it unimaginable that someone who doesn’t like events wants to dedicate themselves to organizing them. The people who decide to professionalize in Event Organization are, in general, those who throughout their lives were in charge of preparing surprise parties in their family, school events, Christmas, and so on.

Why study Event Organization?

  • Because you like to organize parties, conferences, talks and other celebrations.
  • Because you are organized and neat.
  • Because you feel comfortable organizing.
  • Because you have the ability to solve unforeseen events.

What are the tasks of an Event Organizer
What are the tasks of an Event Organizer?

Where to study Event Organization in Argentina?

Union of Chefs – School of Gastronomy

Higher School of Hospitality

National University Institute of Art

Event Organizers Center

Palermo University

Where to study Event Organization in Uruguay?

Cat Dumas College




Where to study Event Organization in Spain?

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