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Why study Executive Secretariat?

marzo 31, 2021
mujer emprendedora secretariado ejecutivo no se que estudiar Why study Executive Secretariat?

Executive Secretary

The executive secretary or directional secretary is a person who works as an administrative assistant for a senior executive. Generally, this is not an entry-level secretarial position. Typically, this job will require many years of experience as a secretary for predominantly high-ranking officials. The job duties of an executive secretary can extend those of a traditional secretary. Although experience can be a contributing factor, some employers may require a college education to obtain this position.

High school graduation is usually the minimum level of education required to work as an executive secretary. Since the field of executive secretaries can be competitive, earning a college degree can give us a little head start in landing a job. Some people may choose to pursue a secretarial degree, while others may opt for a bachelor’s degree. Many people seeking this position as a career can enroll in a business-related college program, such as Business Administration, Finance, or Accounting among others.

In most cases, the executive secretary is the right hand of a senior executive in a company or establishment. The secretary or secretary is very often the driving force behind the scenes, ensuring that the business runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Secretaries must perform many tasks, some of the most common functions may include letters or emails written on behalf of their boss, as well as taking messages and errands among other things. In addition, the secretary can provide administrative support to other department managers.

Do you want to be an executive secretary?

The Executive Secretariat is an excellent option for those who wish to work as secretaries, assistants and administrators in both private and public companies. Students generally choose this option looking for a quick response to their job gap to start working in an industry that allows them to pay for another type of career, although there are also those who decide to work in this field their entire lives. It is an alternative chosen by both men and women.

Although the course programs vary greatly from institution to institution, in general they are divided into four large modules that cover a business area, a public relations area, an administrative area and a computer area, so that future Secretaries have a comprehensive training that allows them to choose between different sectors.

Laura dictates the career of Executive Secretary with legal orientation, aimed at people who want to work in the courts or in law firms. Next, he tells us a little more about this alternative.

Where to study Executive Secretariat
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– What is the Executive Secretariat about?

—To train specialists in a sector that is not usually given the importance it deserves, minimizing these types of positions. It is ideal for those who do not have work experience and want to take their first steps, as well as for those who want to professionalize their work with new tools and validate their work with an academic degree.

– What use is the title of Executive Secretary to people?

—To open up your spectrum of job possibilities. A person without knowledge or experience can enter to work as a secretary or assistant quietly and go training in their day-to-day work, but when they go to look for a job with this title, the doors that open are different. This does not mean that by having completed the Secretariat the person will obtain a hierarchical position, not at all, but it is possible that they will be offered jobs in legal or accounting studies, in SMEs and in large companies where they can develop a career.

– Why do students choose this career?

—Because it is a short career — which, depending on the program and specialization, can last between one year and two years, and there are even programs of only one semester — that provides tools to defend oneself in different areas. As there is increasing competition in the labor market, companies are more rigorous when choosing, so that any knowledge, title and skill that can revalue the profile of the candidate increases their chances of entering it.

“What do the students learn?”

—In a basic Executive Secretariat, they learn how the environment of a company works, what its areas are, how it is sustained, how the different sectors are administered — receiving here a common training in both accounting and human resources administration—, everything referred to computer science, going through the programs of daily use and also covering those specific, how to interact with customers and staff. Then there are more in-depth training modules on Accounting Management, Human Resources Sector Management, and Legal Secretarial.

Why study Executive Secretariat?

  • Because you want to be a professional secretary, with the knowledge and skills necessary to exercise your position.
  • Because you like to manage agendas.
  • Because you feel comfortable working with stationery.
  • Because you like to respond to other people’s prompts.

Where to study Executive Secretariat?

In Argentina, at the Argentine Institute of Executive Secretaries the course of Bilingual Executive Assistant is offered, with a course similar to that of Managerial Assistant in terms of the subjects taught. This has tertiary quality and has a nine-month course.

The Siembra Tu Futuro Laboral center offers 1-year undergraduate studies in the southern zone of Buenos Aires and grants the Diploma in Executive Assistant Secretary.

In Misiones, the National University of Misiones offers an Administrative Secretariat with a duration of 2 and a half years.

La Plata: at the Universidad Adventista del Plata they offer the career of Executive Assistant, with a duration of 2 years.

The Catholic University of Salta offers the University Technique in Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

The Champagnat University offers the short course of Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

The University of Cuenca del Plata offers the University Technique in Executive Secretariat, with a duration of 2 years.

Palermo English Cultural

Belgrano University

Catholic University of Santiago del Estero


In Brazil, the Trevisan Business School, offers students the possibility of enrolling in the Executive Graduation course with a duration of two years.

In Colombia, the INSCAAP Institute offers the title of Labor Technician by Competences in Management Assistant, which has a duration of two years.

In Spain There are many courses and careers to study Secretarial, such as “Course in International Secretarial Management of Senior Management”, “Course of Senior Technician in Secretarial,” Course of Secretary of Management “and” Senior Course in Secretarial Management and Accounting “.

The University of Navarra, through the ISSA School of Management Assistant, offers the University degree of studies in Management Assistance with a duration of 4 years. In addition, ISSA students can obtain in 4 academic years two degrees accredited by their respective countries: (1) the Degree in Management Assistance-Management Assistance from Spain and (2) the Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Business Administration-International Business from Canada .
The Rey Juan Carlos University offers the Business Assistant course, oriented to the administrative field. It is a semi-face-to-face course with a load of twenty credits.

Others: The Business and Consulting School, Multidisciplinary School, Escola Superior Formatic Barna, Euroinnova Formación, Formación Sin Barreras.

There are also master’s degrees for this specialty in these schools: European School of Management and Business, INESEM Business School, Euroinnova Formación, Campus Training, INSA, etc.

In Mexico, in the city of Cuauhtémoc (Federal District) the American Management Association (AMA) institute offers the short course of High Level Executive Assistant, taught at 16 hours and a total of 2 days.

In Uruguay: International Business School, Bios, José Pedro Varela National School.