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Why study Film and TV Direction?

abril 1, 2021

Cinema is considered the seventh art because it includes various disciplines in its composition. Thanks to Cinema and Television, humanity is able to take an idea or perception of the reality that is to be transmitted through the visual and auditory sense. Studying Film and TV Direction is a perfect choice for those who need to bring a fictional or documentary story to life so that it can be enjoyed by millions of viewers.

Do you want to be a film director?

“The career of Directing is the one most chosen by the young community after that of Screenwriter, since, in short, a story can be wonderful from the literary point of view but, if it is not well directed, it can be a failure. In the same way, an empty story or without a clear message can be a real wonder if it has a good director ”, says a renowned Film Director who teaches at the most prestigious school of visual arts in the region.

“Once the literary and technical scripts are ready, our job is to bring the story to life. Through what the scriptwriter wanted to have his text, and trying to respect that idea, we put together the visual version of the events narrated. It is very complex to satisfy all moviegoers, mainly because tastes are the most varied. In particular, I like to generate an aesthetic that says more than the dialogues, nihilistic cinema is called, but there are those who prefer to fill the screen with effects to cause an impact of another intention on the viewer ”, says a graduate of the career he has directed two feature films and seven short films.

The Film and TV Director becomes the eye through which the viewer will see the previously scripted story, although they can also intervene in the creation of the script, since they will be able to do so. The graduate will be able to take care of all the processes of creating a film, since during the career they are given the tools to be able to take charge in any instance, although their particular task is to direct it.

As for the disadvantages of studying this career, the high costs that students must face appear, since the rental and purchase of work tools have a high economic cost, as well as the rental of spaces for filming. However, there are many schools that have the amount of tools and environments necessary to provide students with the possibility of studying without investing too much.

Why study Film and TV Direction?

  • Because you are passionate about cinema and television
  • Because you are creative.
  • Because every time you witness a scene in real life, you are thinking about the music that should be playing, the lights that should illuminate it, and the spectrum of perspectives from which it could be viewed.
  • Because you’d rather bring a written story to life than start from scratch by creating it yourself.
  • Because you believe that the audiovisual medium is the best to transmit concepts, ideas, ideologies and generate opinion.
  • Because you have patience, since in general it costs a lot to get financing for audiovisual projects.

In which universities can I study the Bachelor of Film?

The most famous film schools are: The New York Film Academy in New York, USA, the National Film School in the Metropolitan District of Caracas, Venezuela, the University Center for Cinematographic Studies in Mexico, the International Film School and Television in Cuba, LA FEMIS: La fémis, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l’image et du son in France, the Louis Lumière School in France, the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, USA. In Spain: the University School of Arts and Shows, Centro d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, ECAM, the Camilo José Cela University (UCJC), etc.