Why study Financial Management?

estudiar Administración financiera Why study Financial Management?

The Financial Administration career trains professionals with the ability to control money either from an individual, a company or the State in public institutions. Tasks are carried out through financial and accounting systems and he is in charge of making decisions when a project needs to be invest or financed.

The Financial Administrator designs and carries out the processes to obtain funds, analyzes whether or not it is possible or if a project will be profitable through the creation of budgets, the maximum investment power, the capital necessary for a company to function, how to distribute the earnings and how to manage your debts. It also takes advantage of technologies to design better financial plans. When it comes to a job in the public sector, your decisions have a great social reach.

Financial administration
Financial administration

The vocation of a Financial Administrator is to build new ways to organize wealth and achieve economic and social improvements. The career is usually chosen by enterprising people looking for their own business in the future.

In what sectors does a Financial Administrator work?

In public institutions, as in charge of managing and controlling available funds, in banks and insurance companies, in the stock market, as manager of investment funds, in private companies in the commercial or services sector, such as those that Their objective is to estimate the economic risks, for financial organizations at an international level and also foundations as a consultant.

How to recognize that this race is for me?

Studying Financial Management is for people with deductive capacity, with curiosity to analyze economic business and propose possible strategies for different types of situations. The job is for retailers, those who seek to the smallest point that favors a possible economic investment. People with motivation and initiative to present alternatives at a commercial level, with good persuasiveness, ease of communicating and transmitting ideas, mathematical skills and business vision to increase the commercial value of products or services.

Advantages and disadvantages of the financial manager

The advantages of studying Financial Management are:

  • Wide job opportunities, either in the private sector or in state institutions.
  • Get financial skills to manage your money.
  • Gain credibility on your word based on your statistical work.
  • You can help people by improving the available budget of the public sectors.
  • He develops his work in both office and urban areas.

Disadvantages of the race:

  • Large number of correlatives in the study plans. Falling behind can end in more years of completion.
  • The work environment is competitive and under constant pressure.
  • He has several related careers that increase the number of applicants, such as Economics, Actuary, Accounting, and Business Administration.
  • Decisions are not always put into practice because it depends on the available budget.
  • Much bureaucracy when the work refers to the State.

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