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Why study Fine Arts?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar bellas artes Why study Fine Arts?

Study Fine Arts

Fine Arts is a career chosen by the majority of young people who are related to the world of creativity for the possibility of obtaining a comprehensive artistic training capable of covering a wide labor market. This career allows the study of artistic manifestations through conceptual reflections, art history and aesthetics.

“Graduates of the Fine Arts career usually work as teachers at each of the levels of education through the dictation of related subjects and conducting competent research in their area. However, the occupational field is broader, since they can work as advisers or directors in museums or art galleries, in the media performing art criticism or historical analysis of works, in the generation of auxiliary techniques to teaching, among other This occupation makes it possible to meet the social needs capable of linking leisure to creative and recreational activities and in the dissemination of local and international artistic production, ”says the director of the institution.

The objective is that the graduates of the Fine Arts career are trained to excel occupying any position destined to contribute creativity, imagination and results. In addition, during the course they will learn content related to the History of Art and the avant-garde, containing their practical skills in a highly enriching theoretical framework.

Study Fine Arts

The arts offer a very broad occupational field, stimulate creativity and the approach of the world to the imagination, thus collaborating to build a healthier world. Within the Fine Arts career, plastic, music, sculpture, literature, dance and all the disciplines that make up such a broad concept are studied, although, according to a survey of third-year students of the career, almost eighty percent of the students they are inclined towards the plastic arts when exercising their profession.

Reasons to study Fine Arts

  • Because you are creative and you need to put your creativity into practice through academic recognition.
  • Because you believe in the arts and its importance and you need to transmit it to your community.
  • Because you like teaching and you are interested in exercising it from artistic subjects.
  • Because you trust art as a philosophy of life that you are passionate about.
  • Because you have skills in a particular discipline and you want to develop or train in new ones.
  • Because you live pending aesthetics

Where to study Fine Arts?

In Spain you can study in Granada: University of Granada, Malaga: University of Malaga, Seville: University of Seville, Zaragoza: University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), Canary Islands: University of Laguna (ULL), Salamanca: University of Salamanca, Albacete : University of Castilla la Mancha (UCLM), Galicia: University of Vigo, Barcelona: University of Barcelona (UB), Madrid: Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), Felipe II Higher Studies Center, Antonio de Nebrija University, Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), Murcia: Murcia University (UM), Alicante: Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH).