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Why study for a medical visitor?

marzo 31, 2021
visitador medico Why study for a medical visitor?

Are you looking for a career that presents economic stability and at the same time allows you to help in the development of medicine?

Finding the way to become a professional and successfully pursue the chosen career is a complex task that requires setting future goals. The option to become medical visitor or Medical Propaganda Agent (APM) is a great variant if you are interested in advances in medicine.

Do you want to be a medical visitor?

Professionals who choose this title to work in their lives become decisive pillars in the sales process of pharmaceutical companies. There are courses offered by different universities to become a medical visitor.

Medical visitor course
Study for a medical visitor

What activities does a medical visitor do?

The main activity is to interact with doctors, nurses, pharmacy managers and administrative personnel for the distribution and sale of new drugs from the laboratories it represents. In addition, information is transmitted on the latest therapeutic variants to treat different patients, convincing doctors with strong knowledge about the positive effects of new drugs. As a visiting doctor, we will be the connection between the pharmaceutical laboratory and the doctors from the different areas. Through the skills acquired in interpersonal relationships, we will have to analyze the market where we are going to present ourselves according to the drugs that wholesalers and clinics are looking for. Entering the pharmaceutical industry implies controlling the different activities within the laboratory market such as being a sales supervisor, marketing manager or assistant market analyst. Being a medical visitor will allow us to move through different positions that will reinforce our career and work path.

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What is studied to be a medical visitor?

  • Specific knowledge related to medicine to have all the tools that allow exposing a new medicine.
  • Management of social skills to manage and control the relationship with doctors. Theoretical applications of psychology.
  • Anatomy and physiology to recognize the key points of the human being.
  • Introduction to pharmacology to acquire the knowledge handled by a laboratory.
  • Main skills to achieve goals through strong leadership.
  • Negotiation techniques to optimize the resources available at the time of presenting the drugs.

Is it a difficult course?

The course presents its complexity, but it depends on the will and effort on the part of each one of us to reach the goal. We need to find the tools, ideas and concepts that favor us in the activities that require a medical visit to represent the laboratory in which we are working.

What is the average length of a course to become a medical visitor?

The two possible modalities are face-to-face and distance according to each institute or university. The course lasts between 13 and 16 months. Benefits of working as a medical visitor

  • Economic security.
  • Special mentions for the work done.
  • Growth in social levels.
  • Job stability.
  • Personal satisfaction.

If you are looking for a career that allows constant self-improvement, as a medical visitor you will achieve skills to communicate with others, control situations under stress, help in the definition of new solutions and plan the development of plans to follow as best corresponds. Being a medical visitor will allow you to grow in four main aspects of life such as the economic factor, professional development, the satisfaction of achieving personal goals and the natural development in social relationships. In addition, the main qualities that we will be able to acquire are a prominent presence, respectful treatment, patience for the development of our work and the ability to develop empathy with respect to doctors. Disadvantages of studying for a medical visitor

  • Waiting time for the prestige of the doctors.
  • Unforeseen due to the inability of the doctor to attend us.
  • Unexpected trips to the interior of the country.
  • Work overtime.
  • Not having a fixed schedule.

Where to study to be a medical visitor? Among the most important options that offer the possibility of studying to be a medical visitor we can find:

In Argentina: National University of La Matanza with a duration of 2 years, the University Institute of Health Sciences, The Inter-American Open University.
In the city of Córdoba, the Córdoba Medical Propaganda Agents Union offers APM training for a duration of 2 years.
In Colombia: Prime Business School Sergio Arboleda University, El Bosque University. In Uruguay: Center for Professional Development of the Catholic University, National School of Nursing.
In Spain: the University School of Open Training EXITAE, the Community Campus Vocational training and public employment.
In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico.