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Why study Gastronomy? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Do you want to make a living from gastronomy?

One of the careers whose enrollment has grown the most in recent years is Gastronomy. Gastronomy, itself, refers to the processes of food preparation.

“One of the most important advantages of studying Gastronomy is that it allows students to know and deepen about different cultures. Wanting to know new ingredients and ways of preparing food, makes us immerse ourselves in different cultures with the intention of learning more about them. Furthermore, as part of our learning, we travel to other places in pursuit of Gastronomy in order to build new products and other ways of preparing dishes ”, indicates a graduate of the degree. “An additional benefit of studying Gastronomy lies in the way in which professionals grow as people. Studying Gastronomy and becoming a professional Chef does not only mean learning the art of cooking, but also a commitment to improve what is already known and learn more every day ”, he adds.

The professional of this career will be qualified to work in all types of restaurants, hotels or work with their own business with a very wide spectrum of possibilities, both in their region and anywhere in the world.

According to the graduate, another advantage of choosing to study Gastronomy is related to the way of working. If you are one of those people who get bored with routine jobs, this is the perfect option for you, since routine is a word excluded from their vocabulary. In addition, gastronomic professionals work constantly as a team, in permanent movement, communication and interaction.

Studying the Gastronomy career allows to expand knowledge and develop creativity to the maximum, since it can be compared to professional cooking with artistic work. As the professional discovers new products and recipes, they will be able to create new dishes and innovate with existing preparations, helping to increase their prestige.

The Gastronomy student must learn one or several foreign languages ​​to learn more easily about other cultures.

Why study gastronomy?

  • Because you like the world of cooking and you always liked to cook and innovate with new dishes.
  • Because you like to create in order to entertain your guests and you feel pleasure when they like what you prepared for them.
  • Because you are curious and you are interested in investigating diverse cultures in order to experiment with novel ingredients for the region you inhabit.
  • Because you believe that cooking is an art, not a job, and you are passionate about doing it.
  • Because you want a dynamic profession for your life, which allows you to grow, nourish yourself with knowledge and always be on the move.
  • Because you have a great attraction for knowing the taste of exotic condiments, non-traditionally prepared foods and typical drinks from cultures completely foreign to yours.
  • Because you are interested in traveling through different regions of the world but not as a tourist, but with a specific purpose.

Where to study Gastronomy in Argentina?

Cecilia D`Imperio Personalized Cooking Courses

IAG – Argentine Institute of Gastronomy

IPAC Cooking School – 25th anniversary

Cecilia D`Imperio Personalized Cooking Courses

Vadinho’s Cooking School

CESYT – School of Gastronomy

Patagonian Cooks School

Buenos Aires Natural Chef

Coquus Institute of Gastronomy

Argentine School of Gastronomy Emmy de Molina

Dumas Cat

IMACH Institute

Argentine Gastronomic Union

Where to study Gastronomy in Uruguay?

Polytechnic of Montevideo

School of Hospitality and Gastronomy

CRANDON Institute

Institute of Gastronomy UG

Cat Dumas Uruguay

Where to study Gastronomy in Spain?

Quorum Training

Plato University Academy

Mondragon Unibertsitatea

IES Gregorio Prieto

Higher School of Gastronomy and Hospitality

Valencia School of Hospitality and Tourism

Terra d’Escudella Cooking and Pastry School


EIDE, International Schools

Valencia Superior Hospitality and Tourism Center

Culinary Center

Basil Cooking School, SCM

IUSE / Barcelona Business School