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Why study Gestalt Therapy?

abril 1, 2021
estudiar terapia gestaltica Why study Gestalt Therapy?

The Gestalt Therapy It is a trend derived from psychoanalysis, elaborated by Fritz Perls, which seeks that patients obtain a much faster treatment than with traditional Freudian psychotherapy, through self-knowledge and superimposition on their own symptoms.

Tomás is a registered Gestalt Therapist and one of the professors of the degree. He will tell us what it is about, how it is approached and what can be done once the degree is obtained.

Where to study Gestalt therapies?
Why study Gestalt Therapy?

─How is the career of Gestalt Therapist? Is it necessary to be a Psychologist to take it?

─ It is not necessary to be a Psychologist, since the training offered in the course contains enough information on psychology and human behavior. It is a career recognized worldwide by The Hague, although in Argentina, as in other countries, the title does not have the same relevance as that of psychologists, so, for example, there is no social work or prepaid that approves treatments on their cards, then patients must pay for them on their own. During the career, all the work of Fritz Perls is studied, since there are the fundamental pillars of the discipline, but the work of Freud is also studied, for example, because the comparison between the two schools is very useful for future therapists . The word Gestalt could be translated as “whole” or “totality”, and that is one of the bases, understanding people as a whole, not as a psyche, a body and an environment separately.

Personal training
Therapy for personal self-development

─What does a Gestalt Therapist do?

─Work on the here and now of people. It seeks to separate them from their painful or happy past and the constant speculations that they are involuntarily making about their future. Due to a series of social phenomena, people do not live their present, but are permanently in another time, which – be that time positive or negative – arouses anguish and collaborates with the neurosis that all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have. Through talks and specific techniques, similar to role-playing games, patients are able to connect with the symptoms that affect them today, instead of doing ten years of couch therapy to solve something related to their childhood.

─What is a Gestalt Therapist qualified for?

─The Gestalt Therapist can dedicate himself to working with individual patients or conducting group therapies, in addition to collaborating in institutions of different kinds. In Argentina it is not recognized by orthodox medicine as a possible therapy, so you will not be able to work in hospitals or with social works if you do not have another qualification that allows it, at least for the moment. You can work doing jobs in neighborhood communities, in prisons, in self-managed mutual aid groups, with social problems, among others. The important thing is to detect spaces in which it is believed that it will truly be a collaboration. It is common for some patients to initially reject this type of therapy because it is not popular, but when you see the results after the first session, you will most likely change your mind.

Why study Gestalt Therapy?

  • Because you like to approach the psychology of people from a global perspective.
  • Because you believe that soul, mind and body act in harmony.
  • Because you are akin to Gestalt theory.

Where to study Gestalt Therapy in Argentina?

New Seras
Gestalt Argentina
First Argentine Institution of Gestalt and Human Development

Where to study Gestalt Therapy in Uruguay?

Gestalt Montevideo

Where to study Gestalt Therapy in Spain?

Madrid School of Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy Institute Valencia