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Why study Hairdressing? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar peluqueria profesional Why study Hairdressing? | I do not know what to study

Being a Professional Hairdresser is very important to work on people’s aesthetics, since there are many people who learn by observing or reading on their own and then cannot apply the techniques correctly. The academic training in the subject provides tools for a responsible exercise that satisfies clients who are looking for an improvement in their hair.

One of the teachers at the institute where the degree is taught, tells us about the profile of new entrants who choose to study Hairdressing: “aesthetics was always important, although the prevailing style has changed as in every era. Before, it was important to know how to make a good haircut or original and modern hairstyles, but today a lot of chemicals come into play that not just anyone can handle. The realization of permanent straightening, foundations, restructuring treatments and dyes carries a great burden of responsibility, since any excess of product can have very serious consequences on the client’s health. Therefore, today, people are looking for a serious training and are not satisfied with taking any distance course or learning by inheritance ”.

Why study Professional Hairdressing
Why study Professional Hairdressing?

During the course, students learn both theory and practice and study chemical processes of products and reactions in hair and skin. They also learn about the history of hairstyles and hair fashion, which gives them an important basis to be able to create new trends with originality. The internships are constant throughout the course, so they gain experience before graduating that they can then apply to their professional performance.

“In all careers related to aesthetics there is a quota of personal image that cannot be denied. This means that hairdressing professionals cannot wear their hair messy or shapeless, without shine and without some creativity, on the contrary, they have to be sold as the product of what they will later do with the client. The career has a training space related to personal presentation, as well as dealing with clients, among other tools more linked to Public Relations than to Hairdressing, but as necessary as knowing the different types of curlers that can be made ”, Adds the teacher.

Why study Hairdressing?

  • Because you are interested in hair aesthetics.
  • Because you like to comb people.
  • Because you have a good aesthetic sense.
  • Because you have the tolerance to listen to customer stories while you serve them.
  • Because you are creative and your friends always call you when they want an original hairstyle to attend an event.
  • Because you think that the way a person wears their hair speaks volumes about them.
  • Because you have the ability to understand what people want.
  • Because you are interested in the world of fashion and you constantly follow new trends.

Would you like to be a Professional Hairdresser
Would you like to be a Professional Hairdresser?

Where to study Hairdressing in Argentina?
Sol Edwards
Ideal Center
Argentine Higher Institute of Beauty
School Medical Center
Yes jolie
Higher Institute of Coiffeur

Where to study Hairdressing in Uruguay?
Aldey Institute
Beauty Center

Where to study Hairdressing in Spain?
ACYLS Academy
BETA Hairdressing Academy
Nefer Center
Maricielo Academy
Venus Academy