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Why study History? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar historia Why study History? | I do not know what to study

Do you want to study History?

History is a science with an unimaginable breadth of branches for those who have not yet interfered in the subject and that offers the possibility of exercising it from different sectors. Students can choose between the Faculty in History and the Bachelor of History, or take the first and then complete the necessary subjects to obtain the second degree.

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Why study History
Why study History?

Teaching, both primary and secondary or public or private university, hand in hand with History implies the responsibility of transmitting a version of events to those who are being trained to be the protagonists of future events. “History is perhaps the most interesting of the social sciences, since it integrates all disciplines. Without knowing the past of man, you cannot build the present, much less think about the future. Having the tools to understand what is happening today is necessary to develop better action plans ”, indicates a third-year professor of the degree. “Five years of intense study give a degree, but do not allow to cover all the knowledge. The historian’s task will basically be to continue training throughout his life, not to stop studying, investigating and analyzing past and present events. The same happens with those who approach History from the teaching side, they must be constantly updated, since historical events change their interpretation as research on them progresses ”, he adds. “Deciding to study History is to decide to enter an exciting universe, where the student will have to nourish himself with different positions on the same facts to draw his own conclusions. That is, perhaps, the magic of History, that there is no absolute truth in any fact, they are all versions to be interpreted ”, he concludes. When someone chooses to dedicate themselves to it professionally, they must be clear that there will be no mathematical formulas or exact calculations, everything will be relative and questionable. And, in the event that he exercises it from systematic training, he must also know how to transmit this idea to his students.

Why study history?

  • Because it is a science full of questions and answers that enrich the events that have occurred and serve as a support for future events.
  • Because you really like to investigate.
  • Because you like teaching.
  • Because there is a particular subject that you are passionate enough to specialize in it and get to its beginning.
  • Because you believe that the future can only be modified from the past.
  • Because you understand that all the mysteries capable of positively or negatively modifying its present are hidden at the origins of humanity.
  • Because you are skeptical and you do not believe in the versions that teachers have told you in your school training or in what you read in books.
  • Because you have a strong need to draw your own conclusions and convey them.
  • Because you believe that History is the only source of knowledge capable of nourishing all your needs.

You want to study history
Do you want to study History?

Where to study History in Argentina?

Instituto Superior del Profesorado San Agustín

Argentine Catholic University

National University of Tucumán

National University of San Juan

National University of Salta

National University of Rosario

Northeast National University

National University of Misiones

National University of Mar del Plata

National University of the South

National University of Comahue

National University of La Rioja

National University of La Plata

National University of Jujuy

National University of Formosa

National University of Catamarca

National University of Cordoba

Buenos Aires’ University

Where to study History in Uruguay?

Artigas Teachers Institute

Where to study History in Spain?

University of Alcalá
University of Alicante

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Autonomous University of Madrid

University of Barcelona

Cadiz University

Castilla-La Mancha university
University of cantabria
Complutense University of Madrid

University of Cordoba
University of Deusto
University of Extremadura

Girona University

University of Granada

University of the Balearic Islands

University of Huelva

University of La Laguna

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

University of Lleida
Malaga University

University of Murcia

University of Leon

Oviedo University

Rovira i Virgili University

Sevilla University

University of Santiago de Compostela