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Why study Hotel Management?

marzo 31, 2021
gerente de hotel Why study Hotel Management?

To be successful in hotel management, you need to develop excellent time management, interpersonal and research skills.

Why study Hotel Management?

Because you are interested in the tourism business and, specifically, hotels. A hotel manager is one who is in charge of the entire management of the hotel or even a hotel chain, so he must have leadership, as well as a vocation to serve.

To study Hotel Management, it is important to be a good communicator and to know the hotel world, the industry and society in general. A hotel manager must be aware that the client must always be satisfied with the service they receive and must quickly face all the problems that this business involves.

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Study hotel management

In addition, a hotel manager or whoever manages the hotel, has to be aware that they will have to be in continuous contact with all hotel workers, as well as all suppliers, including the media. All this, in order to improve the reputation of the business and promote it to tourists.

What is studied in the career of Hotel Management? How long does the Hotel Management career last?

The Hotel Management studies focus on the main issues of accommodation and hospitality, as well as everything that has to do with the management of a hotel. The Bachelor in Hotel Management usually has a mixture of practical and theoretical topics throughout the degree, which lasts for approximately four to five years.

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What does a hotel manager do in his day to day?

The Hotel Management professional is trained to perform administrative management tasks in hotels, design tourist packages and plans, develop promotion plans that increase tourism and hotel development. Given the differences in characteristics as well as the sizes of hotels, hotel managers can perform different functions and administrative tasks. Some may manage only one area of ​​the hotel, coordinating their activities with those of managers in other sections. In other hotels, the manager is usually responsible for the entire hotel, with all its areas. If you are a hotel owner, it is possible to manage the entire business on your own or hire managers for some areas. Other options where a hotel manager can work is in other accommodation and tourism companies, such as health centers, parks, restaurants, cruise ships, hostels or motels.

A professional in hotel or tourism management can assume various responsibilities:

  • Director of tourism projects in private or government companies.
  • Operational Director in Hotel and / or Tourist Companies.
  • Director of his own company.
  • Financial Director in Hotel and / or Tourism Companies.
  • Marketing director in tourism or related companies.
  • Manager of Restaurants, Hostels, Motels and Hotels.
  • Administrative manager or commercial department.
  • Freelance or independent consultant to evaluate the viability of projects for the hotel and / or tourism sector.

Hotel management
Learn to manage a hotel and know the keys to the world of hospitality.

Advantages of studying Hotel Management

Studying Hotel Management brings with it many benefits such as:

  • A wide field of work. The hotel industry, being very large, offers many career opportunities.
  • A diverse career. You can choose between being the manager of a hotel or any area that is related to the hospitality industry.
  • High salary. It is a sector where salaries are usually quite high.

Disadvantages of studying Hotel Management

Among the disadvantages of studying Hotel Management we find the need to obtain the necessary education and experience. Almost all luxury hotel chains require a bachelor’s or master’s degree to obtain a managerial position. Formal internships may also be necessary. Another downside is that it requires a high commitment, making it a demanding job.

Where to study Hotel Management?

In Argentina: In CABA, the UTN in its online training center offers certification of University Expert in Small and Medium Hotel Management, with a duration of 24 weeks.

In CABA, the Foundation for Higher Studies in Commercial Sciences offers the training of Higher Technician in Hotel Administration, with a duration of 3 years.

In the Province of Buenos Aires, in the Morón district, the University of Morón offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management, a Bachelor’s degree with a duration of 9 Semesters.

In the Province of San Luis, the National University of San Luis offers the training of University Technician in Hotel Management with a duration of 3 years.

In Brazil: University of Sorocaba, etc.

In Chile: University of the Americas, University of Valparaíso, Andrés Bello University, etc.

In Colombia: The Externado de Colombia University offers Tourism and Hotel Business Administration in face-to-face mode.

The Grancolombiano Polytechnic University Institution offers the International Program in Hotel Management and Tourism in virtual mode, divided into 4 modules with a total of 160 hours and 27 weeks of study. The same institution offers Technology in Tourism Management and Technology in Tourism Services Management.

The Unitec University Corporation offers training in Technology in Hotel and Tourism Management with a duration of 6 Semesters.

The National Unified Corporation of Higher Education CUN, offers Tourism and Hotel Management in a total of 10 semesters and offers the intermediate degrees of Professional Technician in Tourism and Hotel Services in 4 semesters, technologist in Management of tourism and hotel companies in 6 semesters and finally Administrator Tourist and Hotelier in 10 semesters.

Corporación Universitaria del Huila – Corhuila offers the Tourism Business Administration program in person, in a total of 9 semesters and a total of 166 academic credits.

The Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC) offers the Tourism and Hotel Administration program in face-to-face mode, with a total of 10 Semesters and 175 academic credits.

The Antonio Nariño University offers training in Hospitality and Ecological Tourism.

INPAHU – University Foundation offers the Tourism and Hotel Management program in a total of 6 semesters.

The Technological University of Pereira offers a Sustainable Tourism Administration program composed of three cycles: Professional Technician in Sustainable Tourism Processes, Technologist in Sustainable Tourism Management and Sustainable Tourism Administrator.

The Colombian School of Hospitality and Tourism (ECOTET) offers the career of Professional Technician in Hotel Administration, with a duration of 5 semesters.

Is Spain: In Barcelona, ​​the Sant Ignasi Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. It has two modalities: bilingual (Spanish-English) or 100% in English.

In Barcelona, ​​the Sant Pol de Mar University School of Hospitality and Tourism offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, with a duration of 4 academic courses of one year each.

The University of Murcia offers the Master in Hotel Management in face-to-face / online mode.

Les Roches Marbella, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Higher School of Hospitality of Seville, etc.

In Mexico: The Universidad Intercontinental DR (UIC) offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration, the Commercial School of the Chamber of Commerce, Universidad Anáhuac, etc.

In Peru: San Ignacio de Loyola University, University of the Holy Spirit, etc.