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Why study Hotel Management?

marzo 31, 2021
Administración Hotelera Why study Hotel Management?

The Hospitality Administration career offers the opportunity to be part of the hospitality industry, recognize new cultures by interacting with a large number of tourists and learn gastronomic skills. The objective of the professional is to add a vocation of service by fulfilling the wishes of a client.

The Hotel Manager has activities such as estimating future situations, advising to increase the quality of guest service, promoting national and international marketing policies and designing plans to manage a hotel company. The professional socializes in much of his work, manages the maintenance and accounting sectors, minimizes expenses on food and beverages and evaluates how each work area is performing.

The Hotel Administration trains professionals to develop in service areas and presents the tools to create independent projects related to the tourism sectors. People who study the career have the aptitude to solve multitasking when managing areas of communication, marketing, sales, human resources, food and hotel management.

Hotel management
Hotel Administration

How to recognize if the race is for me?

If you are attracted to travel, learning new languages ​​and getting to know cultures, Hotel Management is a great option for a professional future. The career requires an interest in the organization of activities, the ability to socialize with people from other countries, the attraction to tourism, the passion for aesthetics and order in the workspaces and the union of a team to offer a better service to the wishes of a customer. The Hotel Manager has to be proactive, detailed and capable of solving problems beyond established planning.

In which sectors do you carry out your work?

The main workspace are the hotels. Among other sectors we find companies of travel agencies, air and transport lines, world cruises, events such as congresses and conventions, restaurants, health spaces such as hospitals and clinics and in the case of independent work, a company staff providing a hotel service.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hotel Administration

The advantages of studying Hotel Management are:

  • Knowledge of multiple languages.
  • Good remuneration for the work done.
  • The high demand for professionals generates a greater supply, with tourism being one of the sectors with the greatest expansion in recent years.
  • Generate well-being in the wishes of the guests. Help whenever the client requests it.
  • International job outing.

The disadvantages of the race are:

  • Stress and unforeseen situations that jeopardize the ability to solve problems at all times.
  • Great hourly load, also added on weekends.
  • It requires special care for aesthetics by always being in front of customers.
  • Wide need to know foreign cultures.
  • Constant commitment to the job because clients depend on the answers.

Where to study Hotel Administration or Management?

In Argentina: Inter-American Open University, Morón University, University of Belgrano, etc.

In Brazil: University of Sorocaba, etc.

In Chile: University of the Americas, University of Valparaíso, Andrés Bello University, etc.

In Colombia: Externado de Colombia University, etc.

Is Spain: Les Roches Marbella, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Higher School of Hospitality of Seville, etc.

In Mexico: The Universidad Intercontinental DR (UIC) offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration, the Commercial School of the Chamber of Commerce, Universidad Anáhuac, etc.

In Peru: San Ignacio de Loyola University, University of the Holy Spirit, etc.