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Why study Image and Sound Design?

marzo 31, 2021
1617185949 643 estudiar diseño de imagen y sonido Why study Image and Sound Design?

Choosing a career that mixes a personal desire with a seductive future is complex, but by studying Image and Sound Design it can be fulfilled.

Image and sound are two concepts that have a more than interesting background to know, how to get to the product through various processes is an attractive question for many people and for that reason this career creates a particular attraction for students who have a certain weakness for art. It is a broad career that helps students to cultivate their creative side and take them to various aspects that multimedia offers, through the facilities of digital support.

What is studied in the career of Image and Sound Design?

Those who decide to study Image and Sound Design will have a complete career in everything that does to the processes that are carried out to achieve different products, since the subjects offered are very varied to provide a greater number of tools to the student and that This can then choose a specialty that you like or cover various disciplines related to the race.
Some of the subjects offered are editing, script, sound, camera and lighting, digital production, TV, image aesthetics, cinema, audiovisual art. The career has a very extensive scope since it understands what is related to both advertising, radio, television and cinema, among others. Different languages ​​are learned that are used in the different media with which one works, in this sense there are certain differences between what it is to think about a product and make it for digital purposes, than to develop a television or film production.

Study Image and Sound Design
Study Image and Sound Design

How long is the degree in Image and Sound Design?

The average duration of the Image and Sound Design degree is 4 years. Then, those interested in a particular field can specialize and project their work in a specific medium. On the other hand, there are courses in some countries that, although not as complete, have a shorter duration of approximately two years.

Advantages of studying Image and Sound Design

When wondering why study Image and Sound Design? It is necessary to think about the advantages that the career can offer, and one of those that it brings is the possibility of being part of the behind the scenes, sometimes as observers we have in front of an image, a film or an advertisement, to name a few examples, and we are not aware of the work that this product has taken. The Image and Sound designer can elaborate from the idea to the detail of what will later be massively disseminated.

Disadvantages of studying Image and Sound Design

Although in some countries the degree in Image and Sound Design is offered in the public sphere, it is expensive in terms of study materials and the elements that must be used in the various ones. In addition, to be able to carry out the tasks entrusted by the different subjects, it is necessary to have certain digital tools that on certain occasions can cause an unexpected expense for the students’ pockets.

What is the career of Image and Sound Design for?

The Image and Sound Design career offers the possibility of training a professional with the appropriate knowledge to be able to develop as a comprehensive audiovisual media producer. The student obtains a diversity of concepts on how to achieve a complete production for different media, learns about the design and realization as well as about the techniques and supports in which it can perform.

Image and Sound Designer
Image and Sound Designer

What tasks does an image and sound designer perform?

The designer can perform tasks in audiovisual production, or have a role as director, editor, producer, animator or screenwriter. You can act as coordinator of a team or dedicate yourself to teaching. You can work independently or in a production company, doing commercials for recognized brands or collaborating in the development of a movie, short or television series.

Where do you study Image and Sound Design?

In Mexico, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Image and Sound Design at the University of Los Monchis, in Sinaloa.
In Argentina, the University of Buenos Aires dictates the career of Image and Sound Design in a public way.
In Spain, the CES School, located in Madrid, offers the Superior Course in Image and Sound, granting a technical degree.