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Why study International Relations?

marzo 31, 2021
que hace un licenciado en relaciones internacionales Why study International Relations?

International Relations encompasses the study of the various foreign policies carried out by the different international actors and their repercussions in national and international spheres. They have to do with work in the field of States, multinational companies, international supranational and non-governmental organizations. In today’s globalized world, it is an indispensable discipline to achieve and maintain good relations and peace.

Study International Relations

The student of the International Relations career will have a great knowledge about the national and international social, political and economic reality. This discipline is linked to the understanding of States and negotiation at an external level by virtue of the development of communications between international actors.

What does a Bachelor of International Relations do
What does a Bachelor of International Relations do?

The graduate professional will be trained, among other things, to provide specialized knowledge and from different perspectives on International Relations, to study regions and States and their links with each other, and to analyze International Relations from a national perspective, taking into account the links and to the impact of these in your region.

The student will learn everything necessary about other cultures and will have to understand different languages ​​in a professional way. You must have an analytical and decisive attitude, but also the ability to act proactively by deductive reasoning. During the course of the degree, you will learn case study methodologies that you must also approach from practice, since the objective of the study plans is to train professionals trained at a theoretical but also decisive level.

One of the most interesting issues in International Relations is that its study allows you to later carry out the profession in various regions of the world. Many people choose this career for it, since they have an interest in living in different nations for their philosophy of life or other reasons.

“For me, the greatest advantage of International Relations is the breadth of knowledge that you acquire while you are studying. I think it is one of the careers that provides the most general culture to its students, enabling us to perform later in the place that we most want. In addition, it is a profession that can be exercised from the state level, which is the one that the majority of graduates choose, privately and in a private way, ”says a final-year student who is doing a paid internship at the Foreign Ministry.

Why study International Relations?

  • Because you feel a great interest in national and international political, economic, social and cultural aspects.
  • Because you are interested in foreign languages ​​and you have a facility for learning them.
  • Because you have the ability to analyze and synthesize current national and international phenomena.
  • Because you are interested in the welfare of the international community.
  • Because you like different disciplines, such as history, geography and universal culture.
  • Because you are interested in the different cultures of the peoples.
  • Because you have a clear ability to handle information.
  • Because you have a facility for human relationships.
  • Because you have knowledge of general culture and you want to expand it.
Where to study International Relations
Where to study International Relations?

Study International Relations in Argentina

Argentine University of Business
Catholic University of Salta
Catholic University of Santiago del Estero
Palermo University
National University of Rosario
National University of La Plata
Argentine Catholic University

Study International Relations in Colombia

The Santo Tomás University (First university cloister of Colombia) offers the Government and International Relations program with a duration of 8 semesters.

Study International Relations in Spain

Alfonso X El Sabio University
Complutense University of Madrid
European University of Madrid
Comillas Pontifical University

Study International Relations in Uruguay

University of the Republic
Uruguay Academic Network