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Why study land surveying? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar agrimensura Why study land surveying? | I do not know what to study

When looking for a profession to follow, many think in which places they would like to develop, if the field of the office is not your thing, we will tell you what the life of a surveyor is about.

The Surveying It is a peculiar race, which not everyone knows what it is about. It is a profession that develops in various parts of the world and is associated with the measurement of the parcels of a land.

On many occasions, the surveyor must work constantly with other professionals such as architects, lawyers and notaries, for example, to define various issues regarding a land or building. In legal matters, the task of the surveying professional is very important, since based on their work, the transactions that can be made on a property can be determined, if the plans that are presented are legal, among other situations that may arise. .

Why study land surveying?

On the other hand, it is a career that does not have a very long course, although that will depend, to a large extent, on the life that the student leads. Some people need to start work at the same time as they carry out their studies, and that is why the completion of the course may be delayed longer than expected. To earn a bachelor’s degree, most colleges offer a four-year to six-year extension.

In some countries the degree is dictated under the name of Engineering in Surveying, and the subjects that the student can find throughout the course are: probability and statistics, mathematical analysis, physics, topics related to geography, calculations, some that are fundamental to the professional’s task such as topography, cartography, for example, and it is also important to pay special attention to the subjects that are dictated related to legal issues, since it is an important area in which the surveyor may have to develop his work.

What are the advantages of the professional of Surveying?

As we mentioned before, it is a particular profession, since one of the great advantages that many can see in this profession is the type of work. The surveyor usually spends little time of his day locked in an office, because his work is carried out specifically in the field, usually in the open air. It may be that you have to travel to rural areas, for measurements of fields, or that your tasks are focused more on the city.

Another of the virtues that can be highlighted in the graduate of the Surveying, lie in the possibility of working both in the private and public spheres. This is due to their field work, since being usually outside the strict life of the office worker, with inflexible schedules, the professional can distribute their time as they see fit and coordinate personal work with their work in public organizations, for example .

In this sense, it is also important to emphasize that it is a career with a good job opportunity, an issue that usually worries today, before enrolling in a university degree. Here you can complement the taste with the intended remuneration, and as we pointed out before, articulate various jobs.

On the other hand, we can mention that it is an interesting job for those people who like to collaborate with the welfare of society, since many times the work of a surveyor is necessary to carry out the cartography of a country, or to detect of some unsafe or illegal work, which may incur a danger to the neighborhood.

What tasks does a graduate of the Surveying career carry out?

The graduate of the Surveying It may have the task of collaborating with regard to territorial distribution, since it is in charge of collecting the information necessary for the planning that can be carried out on a given land. In this sense, it can carry out its work jointly with architects and rulers for the development and planning of a city. So that the plans and measurements of each area to be built can be verified correctly.

At the same time, it is in charge of collecting territorial information and measuring parcels. This type of work is not only requested at the government level, but also at the private level. In many cases, when a person applies for a mortgage loan, the bank requires a surveyor’s report to approve the loan, and in many cases the same bank also hires the professional to corroborate what the client presents.

Another task that can be assigned to a professional in the career of SurveyingIt is the study of the territory for the execution of works, with regard to metric controls, as well as verifying the location of the buildings that are carried out.

At the same time, if the graduate of Surveying takes place in the public sphere, it can count among its tasks the mission of collaborating with the improvements that are projected for the territorial scope of a locality. And it is for this reason, that upon graduating from this career, you will also have technical, legal and social knowledge, in addition to learning about economic issues, which will help you develop in your tasks.

The surveyor, in some countries, is indicated as the only professional who can intervene in a judicial survey, since he is the one who is registered to perform correctly in that task.

In our routine days we can run into someone who is developing his work as a surveyor on public roads, on some occasions surely one of you came across a person with a wheel with a stick, measuring the land. However, their profession is much more interesting than what one sees when they are developing that specific task.

For those who are interested in this career, remember that you can find it within the branch of engineering and you can consult to make the registration.