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Why study Letters? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The Bachelor of Arts is a professional trained to interpret, analyze and understand various literary texts, as well as texts related to the humanities.

Why study Letters?

If you want to study letters, it is necessary to complete the Bachelor of Arts. Thanks to this career you will know the globality of literature throughout history in general, with special emphasis on Spanish and Latin American literature, through an approach to literary works created in different times and environments.

A Bachelor of Arts becomes a professional specialized in the search, selection and organization of the necessary information in the educational and business fields with the aim of promoting humanistic studies and literary creation. The Bachelor of Letters will also be trained in the management of information and the administration of cultural programs within institutions and companies.

What is studied in letters? How long is the letter career?

The Bachelor of Arts lasts around four years and in it you will learn Spanish so that you will have a perfect command of it, this will help you develop and apply different projects (both educational and cultural) appropriate to the needs of the context and the current situation. , both national and international; You will also learn to develop successful communication proposals (both orally and in writing), which are essential for companies, as well as for the public sector; You will know and be able to analyze the literary and cultural expressions of the Spanish language that make it possible to understand the thought and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples, etc.

Advantages of studying letters

These are some of the advantages of studying the Bachelor of Arts:

  • Explore other cultures and beliefs through literature.
  • Know about the general culture and have other knowledge.
  • Know your own personality through literature.
  • Possess a high level of writing and public speaking skills.
  • Being able to work as a writer or teacher, activities that do not generate so much stress and if it is your passion, you will be able to do what you like.

Disadvantages of studying letters

Here are some disadvantages of studying letters:

  • A limited field of work.
  • It is not usually a highly paid career.