Why study marketing? | I do not know what to study

estudiar marketing Why study marketing? | I do not know what to study

The Marketing career is one of the most sought after by future professionals. This is due to its wide field of action fulfilling the role of advisor or consultant, either within a company or external.

The Marketing career is one of the most sought after by future professionals.

A Marketing graduate will be prepared to determine the positioning of products and services, establish through rigorous analysis appropriate pricing policies for them, investigate and specify market segments, structure distribution channels according to market requirements, develop Marketing plans that are appropriate. to the conditions of demand and implement and lead competitive business strategies.

Why study Marketing?
Study Marketing

There are different levels of depth in Marketing careers, with the future student being able to opt for a bachelor’s degree, a technical degree or a course. It is advisable for those people who are still not sure what they want, but feel a slight inclination towards marketing, to start by taking an introductory course, in order to be able to assess if they are really on the right track.

“Many people confuse Marketing with Advertising”, explains the rector of a tertiary institute in which both careers are dictated. “They arrive with expectations that are not met in this race, because they have not understood the differences. Although to dedicate yourself to Marketing it is necessary to understand a lot about advertising, since they are two professions that are constantly interrelated, Marketing has more to do with planning than with execution. Creativity is not wasted in Marketing, but perhaps the professional does not have as many opportunities to make use of it as he wants ”, he adds.

The Marketing professional will be in charge of the commercial and economic development of the companies, through the research and development of products destined for their range of clients. Create a brand from the beginning to the end, from the name with which it will be known to its logo, everything has a foundation, a reason for being, and they are secrets that only the Marketing professional is able to unravel.

Study Online Marketing
Study Online Marketing

“In general, Marketing students have common characteristics that, by showing them, make them understand that they are in the right place. They are creative and have social responsibility, they are innate leaders and have negotiation skills, they have critical thinking, but also an ethical sense, they are proactive and achievement-oriented, they have great facility to communicate and relate and, lastly, they love to work. as a team ”, defines the rector.


Why study marketing?

  • Because it is a career with wide job opportunities.
  • Because it is a short-term career whose qualification can be extended.
  • Because it is a career that requires constant updating, which is why it keeps its professionals in permanent contact with news.
  • Because it is a career that requires creativity, which is why the different skills and abilities involved in it are constantly stimulated.
  • Because it comes out of traditional careers, making the profile of students who choose it feel satisfied.
  • Because it is a fun career to pursue for those who are truly interested, although it is no less demanding.

Popular positions in the Marketing area

  • Market analyst
  • Marketing assistant
  • Telemarketing salesperson
  • Marketing consultant
  • Director of Business Development
  • Marketing director
  • Market Director
  • Marketing executive
  • Marketing manager
  • Operations Manager
  • New client manager
  • Team leader
  • Product manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Commercial development promoter
  • Communication manager
  • Responsible for billing
  • Marketing responsible
  • Responsible for processes
  • Marketing Technician
  • Market Technician
  • Telemarketer

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