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Why study Musical Comedy?

abril 2, 2021

Do you want to produce a musical comedy?

The Musical Comedy career is extremely broad in that it encompasses dance, acting, and singing. The professional career has an average duration of four years, although there are many young people who start taking classes from a very young age and then become professional. Cristina is a student and tells us how this career is unknown for many.

“What is the Musical Comedy?”

—It is the discipline that combines dance (classical, jazz and tap) with acting and singing. We are trained in a very comprehensive way, which allows us to perform in different ways on stage or in film projects. In addition, we have a theoretical training that instructs us, fundamentally, regarding the history of Musical Comedy.

—What does someone who graduates from Musical Comedy does?

—What is good about studying this career is that there are constantly events in which we show our work and, at the end of each year, we do a comprehensive work with an immense audience. So we start showing off early on and they can hire us for our first jobs before we graduate, which gives us a very good resume. Other people choose to finish their studies and go to try their luck in other countries, generally with good results. The truth is that with a career like this one must be aware that it is possible to succeed, but it is also a reality that art is undervalued, so unemployment is a certain probability and end up doing street art, which according to the artist’s claims it’s not that bad either.

“How did you choose this career?”

—I chose her from a very young age, I always studied dance and acting, although I had never dabbled in singing until I started studying Musical Comedy. It was actually quite a challenge, because my family wanted me to study something more traditional to ensure a good time in the future, but I think I will have many possibilities when I finish. I was between professionalizing myself in acting or choosing this one, which is much more complete in my opinion.

—What is the good and what is the bad thing about studying Musical Comedy?

—The good thing is to be in constant contact with art and with artists who greatly enrich the career, in addition to the fact that there are not so many graduates compared to others, which makes job offers more feasible to materialize. The bad thing is that, depending on the place where you intend to practice, and because of what I said earlier about the undervaluation of art, it is common to spend long periods of time without jobs. It is a career to choose for pleasure rather than ambition, although many times the results can combine both.

Why study Musical Comedy?

  • Because you like the performing arts.
  • Because you have ease and you feel comfortable with dancing, singing and acting.
  • Because you consider yourself good on stage.
  • Because you like the artistic environment.

Where to study Musical Comedy in Argentina?

Art and Dance
La Valle – Musical Theater
Valeria Lynch School of Musical Comedy
Julio Bocca Foundation
Broadway St.

Where to study Musical Comedy in Uruguay?

School of Musical Comedy

Where to study Musical Comedy in Spain?

Higher School of Arts and Shows