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Why study Nutrition? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
estudiar nutricion Why study Nutrition? | I do not know what to study

Nutritionists study human nutrition and advise, educate, and conduct research on eating habits to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why study Nutrition?

There is growing interest from the community in nutrition and health issues and a growing demand for specialists in these fields. Professionals with the nutrition career and food science can provide expert advice on the benefits of nutrition, health, and food safety for people and the community food industry. To the study nutritionIn addition, you will be able to provide advice on:

  • The nutrients required by the body at different stages of development
  • The role of nutrients and diet in health
  • The role of nutrients in disease prevention

Nutritionists may be involved in the research and development of new food products, the role of nutrients, and eating habits.

Study Nutrition
Study Nutrition

What is studied in Nutrition?

The study of nutrition integrates basic science, such as biochemistry and physiology, and research in order to understand how the human body uses nutrients from food to sustain life.

What tasks does a nutritionist do?

Nutritionists generally work in a preventive role on a one-on-one, and group basis with patients of all ages. Unlike dietitians who work primarily with people who are sick, nutritionists primarily work with people who are healthy. The main responsibilities of the position include:

  • Investigate how body functions are affected by nutrient supply
  • Investigate the relationship between genes and nutrients
  • Study how diet affects metabolism
  • Examine the process of eating and the association between diet, disease and health
  • Providing health advice and promoting healthy eating
  • Advise on special diets
  • Educate healthcare professionals and the public about nutrition

Do I need to study medicine to be a nutritionist? How long is the Nutrition career?

To be a nutritionist you do not need to study medicine, to become a nutritionist you need a degree in nutritional science, dietetics or food science. This career lasts around four years, where you learn everything related to nutrition and nutritional health.

Advantages of studying Nutrition

Studying Nutrition has advantages such as:

  • Being able to work as a freelancer with your own practice.
  • Work helping people.
  • Good economic remuneration.
  • Opportunity to specialize in your area.

Disadvantages of studying Nutrition

Here are some disadvantages of studying nutrition:

  • Lots of competition.
  • A narrow field of work.
Classes with a Nutritionist
Do you want to become a Nutritionist?

Where to study Nutrition?

Argentina: Dr. Rene G Favaloro University Foundation, ISALUD University, etc.

Chile: University of Chile, etc.

Colombia: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, etc.

Spain: University of Barcelona, ​​Autonomous University of Madrid, UPV / EHU, etc.

Mexico: Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Intercontinental (UIC) offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, etc.

Peru: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, etc.