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Why study Personnel Selection?

abril 2, 2021
quieres estudiar seleccion de personal Why study Personnel Selection?

The Personnel Selection process is one of the most important in the HR sector of a company, since it is through which the people who will enter are chosen and, therefore, on whom the rest of the processes will be assigned. It is a job carried out by professionals from the Human Resources career, Psychologists with labor or institutional specialization and people who have been specifically trained in Personnel Selection training.

Do you want to be a Personnel Selector?

Training in Personnel Selection overcomes the barriers of theory on how to choose the most suitable candidate to join an organization, encompassing practical techniques as concrete as the reading of the gestural and body language of the interviewees, basic aspects of graphology and tools of neurolinguistic programming applied to interviews. It is also common for psychotechnical testing techniques to be taught, although, except in the case of a psychologist, the selector will not be able to apply them; they are displayed only to provide a more comprehensive understanding. “The personnel selector is in charge of a very large responsibility, which is to choose the right individual for a certain position and, at the same time, balance the job offer to their needs so that they agree to fill the vacancy. Formerly this process was carried out practically mechanically, without the application of specific techniques, resulting in high turnover. At present, specializations allow a safe process that leaves a very small margin of error, getting people to join with the appropriate organizations and vice versa, since it is taken as a process of feedback of benefits for both parties “, he indicates Anabel, Technician in Personnel Selection.

You want to study Personnel Selection
Do you want to study Personnel Selection?

The training in Personnel Selection of this time covers aspects that were not relevant before, such as management by competencies in organizations, now popular in many of the companies that seek to increase their profits by optimizing the work of their employees. There are various training programs in Personnel Selection that emphasize different tools for the selector, each person will choose the one that seems most useful according to their expectations.

The Personnel Selection graduate will be able to choose between fulfilling his function inside or outside the companies, depending on his interests. It is a training in which there is currently a lot of competition, due to the fury that everything related to Human Resources meant in recent years, so all the new tools included in the program will be a plus when it comes to obtaining employment or client companies .

Why study Personnel Selection?

  • Because you consider it necessary for companies to be nurtured by suitable personnel and, in turn, for workers to feel identified with their work.
  • Because you like to evaluate people.
  • Because you are interested in an organizational overview of compliance for all parties.
  • Because you would like to work for different types of companies simultaneously.
  • Because you have the capacity to decide and you want to have the right tools to do it in the best way.
  • Because you have a strong interest in novel selection techniques.
What tasks does a recruiter perform
What tasks does a recruiter perform?

Where to study Personnel Selection in Argentina?

CAECE University

CAECE University

Belgrano University

University of Business and Social Sciences

Merchant Marine University

Salvador’s university

Maimonides University

Argentine School of Business University Institute

Where to study Personnel Selection in Uruguay?


Catholic University of Uruguay


University of the Republic

Where to study Personnel Selection in Spain?

Open University of Catalonia

Distance University of Madrid

International University of Catalonia

University of Andorra

Cadiz University

Pompeu Fabra University

Universitat d’Alacant

Jaen University

University of Cordoba

University of Huelva

Sevilla University

University of Murcia

University of Granada

University of Leon

University of Valladolid

University of Almeria

Oviedo University

Rey Juan Carlos University

University of La Rioja

European University of Madrid

Zaragoza’s University

University Carlos III of Madrid

University of Alcalá de Henares

Complutense University of Madrid

University of Burgos

CEU San Pablo University Madrid

Pablo de Olavide University

Malaga University

Rovira i Virgili University

Jaume I University

University of Valencia

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Girona University

University of Barcelona

Universitat d’Alacant

University of Lleida

University of Murcia