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Why study Pilates Instruction?

abril 1, 2021

The discipline or method of Pilates emerged hundreds of years ago, but it was just over a decade ago that the concept of physical exercises became popular and completely revolutionized. It seeks to develop muscles with a strong foundation in balance, concentration and relaxation, which is why many people often compare it to Yoga. In addition to the aesthetic benefits that its practice provides, it contributes to numerous rehabilitation treatments, which is why it is a very complex method. Deciding to professionalize in this practice implies a great challenge and an important responsibility.

During the Pilates Instruction course, students learn not only the method itself, but also, and fundamentally, issues related to the anatomy of the human body. In the course, the students learn both to work the method using stretchers that facilitate the work of the practitioners or without them, a situation that will make practitioners have to demand more of themselves in terms of balance and mobility.

A graduate of the Pilates Instructor anonymously answers some of the classic questions asked by people who want to internalize in the race.

What is the use of being a Pilates Instructor for?

—Fundamentally to help other people achieve their physical and mental goals. Pilates instructors have the possibility to work in a gym, give private lessons or work in rehabilitation centers. For the latter, not every graduate is prepared; I have colleagues who do it and they do very well, but you have to be emotionally ready to do it. Our training is associated with well-being and, although after the treatments this is evident and generates satisfaction, it is not easy to approach the work of a person with motor problems, for example.

How long is the Pilates race?

—It is divided into three levels, each lasting one year. In any case, and although it may seem from the outside that it is a simple training, one never stops training, because new techniques are constantly appearing, both aimed at the aesthetics of the students and at the rehabilitation processes of kinesiologist patients.

What is negative about Pilates training?

“The competition.” Pilates is a boom, both for those who practice it and for those who study the Instructorate, so in a very short time we began to appear a lot of teachers looking for work or opening gyms that exceeded the demand of the population. At first, the business was to open their own Pilates center, because the person who made the initial investment did not take long to recover and multiply the money, due to the demand. Today there is an overcrowding of gyms, which makes competition in this area very difficult and it is preferable to seek employment in recognized spaces; This is not an easy achievement either, due to the number of professionals received year after year.

Why study Instructional Pilates?

  • Because you like everything that allows you to keep your body and mind in harmony.
  • Because you like novel physical disciplines.
  • Because you like to help people feel and look good.
  • Because you would like to work in a gym, in a rehabilitation center or open your own Pilates center.

Where to study Pilates Instruction in Argentina?

NEF School



Where to study Pilates Instruction in Uruguay?

Pilates studio

Eiraldi Pilates

Where to study Pilates Instruction in Spain?

Spanish Association of Pilates, Tai Chi and Qi Gong