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Why study Professional Makeup?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar maquillaje profesional Why study Professional Makeup?

There are people for whom aesthetics is absolutely everything and, thanks to them, Professional Makeup Artists have great expectations in the world of work. Within the occupational field of Make-up Artists are aesthetic centers, services to companies organizing events, self-employment, among others.

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Estela is the coordinator of the Professional Makeup course, in addition to practicing her profession, and she will tell us about her work.

-What is the most important thing for a Makeup Artist?

One person can be the best makeup artist in the world, but if they do not achieve the effect that the client is looking for, that skill will be wasted. The most important thing for a Makeup Artist must always be to understand what the person who comes to him needs. Each individual has unique and characteristic features, some that you surely want to highlight and others that you prefer to tone down. In knowing how to make a correct reading of this self-assessment lies one of the most valuable tools of someone who is dedicated to human aesthetics.

Why study Professional Makeup
Why study Professional Makeup?

-How is the Professional Makeup course?

From what I said before, an important emphasis is placed on the emotional and psychological part of people, self-esteem is our main center of attention. On the other hand, historical trends are analyzed to understand how make-up fashions arise and that each make-up artist has the ability, if he sets out to do so, set new trends. In addition, we do a review of costumes and hairstyles, so that students learn to combine, since makeup can never be isolated from these two. Finally, the techniques that Makeup Artists will use to beautify their clients are thoroughly studied.

-What is a Professional Makeup Artist trained for?

Professional Makeup students are clear from the first moment that not all will get to work in recording studios or for famous people. We want them to know this in advance so as not to generate expectations that at the end of the course will not be met, since there are many who enter with this claim. The truth is that most work in beauty centers, which does not mean that they are not prepared to work in television, theater and catwalks.

-Do they do internships?

Constantly. The school has a beauty center, in which the free makeup and hairdressing service performed by practitioners is offered. The people who come know that they will be cared for by people who have not yet graduated, but they lend themselves to help them in their professional career. Most makeup schools have this type of practice.

-Does the profession of Makeup Artist have negative aspects?

The profession itself does not, but in the exercise, many times people appear who do not know what they really want and, although we put everything of ourselves to achieve the interpretation of which we spoke before, when it comes to indecisive clients or difficult to conform to the situation tends to get very tense. That is why one of the fundamental characteristics that the person who decides to start a career related to aesthetics must have is patience.

Why study Professional Makeup?

  • Because aesthetics dominate the values ​​that interest you.
  • Because you want to help people look good in the moments that are special to them.
  • Because you have skill with makeup and you want to professionalize yourself.
  • Because you know and like to make up other people but you would like to understand how make-up is adapted to each individual and what are the best products to use.
You want to study Professional Makeup
Do you want to study Professional Makeup?

Where to study Professional Makeup in Argentina?
Sol Edwards
Ideal Center
Argentine Higher Institute of Beauty
School Medical Center
Mare Make Up
Yes jolie

Where to study Professional Makeup in Uruguay?
Aldey Institute
Makeup School Patricia Romagnoli
Beauty Center
Elena Zunino Makeup School

Where to study Professional Makeup in Spain?
Montserrat Fajardo School of Professional Makeup
Keltia Image
DNI Make Up