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Why study Programming | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to psychotherapy, originated by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, aimed at helping people, groups of people or companies achieve success through self-knowledge and self-awareness. There are three levels of training in NLP: practitioner, master and trainer. Next, the founder of an institute for Neuro-linguistic Programming and alternative therapies in the region solves the most frequent doubts about this particular discipline:

Why study Neurolinguistic Programming
Why study Neurolinguistic Programming?

—What’s the use of studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

-For all. Students pass through each of the levels, in which they reach different objectives and applications. The Practitioner practices self-awareness and self-knowledge to work on himself, which is absolutely necessary, since if he intends to turn his knowledge towards other groups or people it is essential that he has applied it to him first. During the Master, the student will learn to understand how people communicate, how it is possible to apply NLP techniques to personal situations – such as phobias, anxiety, depression – and business – sales techniques, conflict resolution, leadership, among others. – and how it is possible to achieve success on different levels. At the Trainer level, students will learn everything related to training and learning in terms of NLP.

—What is the occupational field of a graduate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

—In general they work as consultants, both with groups of people who seek to improve themselves and with companies that need training. There are some organizations that incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming professionals into their internal Human Resources staff, mainly for their abilities to read people’s sign language, but also to permanently have a trainer on this subject to turn to.

– Are many people studying this career?

—It’s relative, although enrollment is growing year after year. For the next school year we have fifty-four enrolled, of which we estimate that only 70% will finish it, since there are enough people who enter just to know the tools to better lead their own life, which is also absolutely acceptable.

—Why would a person choose to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

– As I said before, in general it is out of curiosity or desperation to want to change personal issues, although there are also many who enter with another perspective. As they go through the practitioner, there are those who feel that this is enough for them, because they did it as a self-improvement, and others who discover in NLP what they want to dedicate themselves to throughout their lives. The funny thing is that, in most cases, it is people over thirty who sign up, there are very few graduates of the school.

– Does studying NLP have disadvantages?

“Practically not.” The only disadvantage that could be assigned to it is that it is not yet a fully known discipline, so the fields of application are somewhat closed in regions where it is not yet famous. Even so, we have graduates who have gone to inland towns to set up personal development workshops in which they are doing extremely well.

Why study Neurolinguistic Programming?

  • Because you like to understand things from another perspective.
  • Because you are interested in finding simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Because you are interested in the psychic well-being of people.

What does a graduate of Neurolinguistic Programming do
What does a graduate of Neurolinguistic Programming do?

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