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Why study Public Administration?

abril 1, 2021
Administración Pública Why study Public Administration?

The Public Administration is characterized by the creative use of legal and technical aspects with the aim of working in favor of the government, either in its municipalities, provinces or at the national level. The career seeks to train people capable of preparing proposals that adapt to the conditions of the public sectors for which they work. Sacrifice, perseverance and predisposition to overcome the oppositions.

Professionals received in Public Administration are prepared to create, lead and coordinate action plans related to the State in all its areas. The knowledge and skills allow them to evaluate the policies implemented in the public sectors of the government or non-governmental organizations. The most relevant subjects have to do with finance, various research methods, public law and finance management, among others.

Public administration
Public administration

What kind of work does the Public Administrator do?

He holds the highest positions in the public sectors; acts as an advisor or consultant during political decision-making at the legislative and executive level; can be hired as a third party to be part of the government teams for a certain time; work as a teacher in public or private institutions and assist with their experience during international agreements.

How to recognize if the race is for me?

Public Administration is for people who are interested in the operation and organization of the sectors of the State. People with entrepreneurial characteristics, ease of socializing and conviction through words. The virtue of leadership is essential to be a public administrator, since in many cases the capacity is sought in the formation of work teams.

In which sectors do you carry out your activity?

The areas where you can practice the career of Public Administrator are varied, from a school director to a leader of a team of doctors in a ministry of health. You can also be part of a working group in public sectors in charge of providing services to citizens.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Public Administration

The advantages of studying the career are:

  • Participation in international stages representing your country.
  • The formation of work teams to improve the public services offered by the State.
  • The creation of projects according to the legal and social framework where we are.
  • Help citizens to improve their social and economic spaces.
  • Stability in a position and flexible hours for other occupations.

The disadvantages of a Public Administrator are:

  • It is not easy to enter the career-related job market.
  • Adaptation when it is not in accordance with State policies.
  • Public employees are often exposed based on the fame of the industry for which they work.
  • The demanding bureaucracy surrounding jobs, beyond our intentions to help citizens.
  • Excessive respect for hierarchical commands.